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Re: [nyceducationnews] new Deputy mayor Stephen Goldsmith

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    A former big-city mayor taking a job as a deputy mayor? And that being the former mayor of a city generally regarded as pretty well run since the days when
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 30, 2010
      A former big-city mayor taking a job as a deputy mayor? And that being the former mayor of a city generally regarded as pretty well run since the days when (now-Senator) Richard Lugar first ran Indy?

      I can only think of one reason. My prediction: in three years, Mike Bloomberg supports Stephen Goldsmith as his mayoral successor and preserver of his education policies. Nothing like keeping NYC under a Republican mayoralty for another eight years after eight of Rudy and twelve of Mikey. Joel Klein as unelected Chancellor-for-Life, anyone?

      Steve Koss

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      Stephen Goldsmith, pro-privatization former mayor of Indianapolis, former top domestic policy advisor to George W. Bush, (did W. have a domestic policy?) appointed deputy mayor today.  Bloomberg showing his right wing stripes. This is from Wikipedia:
      Goldsmith is currently a Partner of Knowledge Universe, which invests in internet-oriented education companies, day care and childhood learning companies, and B2B companies, principally in business and human resources consulting and online training.[3]
      Presently, Goldsmith is the Chairman Emeritus of the Manhattan Institute's (a policy research think tank) Center for Civic Innovation.
      Goldsmith also serves on the boards of several companies including: Finish Line Corporation, Anacostia Waterfront Corporation, Homes for Working Families, the Smith Richardson Foundation and the Fannie Mae Foundation.[2]
      http://www.hks. harvard.edu/ research- publications/ vbt/index/ goldsmith- social-innovatio n
      from his blurbs:

      Notable Quotes

      “When it comes to doing good, Stephen Goldsmith is as disruptive an innovator as we've seen.”
      — Clayton M. Christensen, Harvard Business School
      “Goldsmith guided us in Florida on our successful faith-based initiatives. His bold approaches continue to inspire public officials and community groups alike with keys to activating citizens and expanding opportunity for all.”
      — Jeb Bush, former Governor, Florida
      This is from an article about Goldsmith:
      Goldsmith's success at privatizing public dollars is matched only by his success in privatizing public land. After secret negotiations, he rewarded a college friend, Gerald Kosene, a real estate developer who is also one of his big campaign contributors with an outright gift of public greenways fronting White River. In spite of a storm of protest from 23 neighborhood and conservation groups, the mayor felt that the sight of new upscale river-front condos would be more dramatic than greenways or parkways.

      Not caring for the bad press he'd received over his greenways giveaway, Goldsmith's next big real estate deal was to trade public park land to yet another developer and campaign contributor, Charles Davis. The new Davis Homes could be marketed as "next to beautiful Eagle Creek Park," but if further plans to privatize more of this park prevail, the folks in this new housing addition could find themselves further and further from any trees.

      All of this conniving and plotting has entailed a battery of attorneys and consultants from the city's best law and consulting firms. Total city expenditures for contractual consultants rose from $5.1 million in 1991 to $20.1 million in 1995. Even the mayor's own staff can't resist hopping on the privatization gravy train ...
      The editor of NUVO, an award-winning weekly newspaper in town, wrote, "Mayor Goldsmith runs Indianapolis as though it was a city in Mexico or Ukraine or China or someplace where people have no power, where there is no democracy."
      What we see in Indianapolis is a cynical plundering of the public treasury by a ruthless right-wing ideologue. In the name of free-market values, anything which serves the needs and well being of ordinary people is grist for the privatization mill. If anyone suffers, you blame it on the vagaries of the marketplace. Yet when a fat cat contributor, silk hat in hand, whines to the mayor that his profits need enhancing, (e.g. a 24-year-old public basketball arena needs to be replaced with a spanking new one complete with luxury suites), the free market cannot be relied upon, so massive public assistance is expected and given.

       Former Indianapolis Mayor To Replace Outgoing Deputy Mayor

      By: NY1 News
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      Then come back here and refresh the page.
      Stephen Goldsmith, a former Indianapolis mayor, will replace outgoing Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler as deputy mayor of operations.
      Mayor Michael Bloomberg made the announcement from City Hall this morning.
      Goldsmith’s duties include management of key agencies, including the police and fire departments.
      "I think we found someone who better than anyone understands the power of innovation," Bloomberg said of the new deputy mayor. "He knows how to produce more higher-quality public goods and spend less money doing it."
      Goldsmith, a Republican, served two terms as mayor of Indianapolis and ran for governor of Indiana in 1996. He's a onetime executive at the Manhattan Institute, and served as an advisor to former President George W. Bush.
      Recently, he's spent time as a professor and director of the Innovations in American Government program at Harvard's Kennedy School. Goldsmith called this an irresistible opportunity.
      "There really is no other city that has combined this culture of innovation with this rigorous approach to metrics and performance management," Goldsmith said. "To put those together is very unusual and New York City has thrived under these last two administrations."
      Skyler announced at the end of last month he was leaving City Hall after eight years. He is headed to Citigroup as executive vice president of Global Public Affairs.
      Goldsmith will officially take office in June.
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