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Re: [nyceducationnews] announcement re Ma rtine Guerrier's appointment as  Chief Family Engagement Officer

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  • norscot@aol.com
    I read recently that BloomKlein upon taking over the DOE bought off every potential parent who could emerge to oppose them in local areas with parent
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2007
      I read recently that BloomKlein upon taking over the DOE bought off every potential parent who could emerge to oppose them in local areas with parent coordinator and other jobs. We basically heard the sounds of silence for quite a while. Certainly there was little or no parental presence at PEP meetings (except for special occasions), the one place where voices of protest could be raised publcly.

      As a coalition of parent and community voices began to be heard again (and I give an enormous amount of credit to Leonie and this list for helping to bring some of these voices together) BloomKlein seems to be trying another round of the "buy them off" tactic.

      I like and respect Martine Guerrier and I'm sure she feels she can do more on the inside, a classic error people make. She has (had) been the one voice on the PEP that seemed to question (gently) some of the actions of BloomKlein. She was often one of the only ones to question Klein on a number of issues.  I haven't attended PEP meetings regularly but some of Martine's votes on controversial  issues increasingly were tied to the politics of Marty Markowitz, an ally of Bloomberg. Naturally, one would say since she owed her position on the PEP to Markowitz' appointment.

      I don't remember all of the votes, but an unsettling pattern seemed to be emerging.
      Martine will now be drawn into the maw of the DOE, joining people  who had a rep for integrity like James Leibman, forced to sit in as an accolyte at Klein press conferences, in the  midst of buzzing Blackberries, never to utter her own thoughts again without filtering through hordes of press agents. In other words, the sounds of silence.


      In a message dated 2/28/07 2:31:52 PM, emora@... writes:

      I see this as more than a too little, too late proposal on parent input.
      Notice, there's been nothing to respond to concerns and response of the
      teachers and their union. Classic divide and conquer, if you ask me.
      Among other things, this makes it easier for them to continuing avoiding
      the class size issue.

      Elena Mora

      Leonie Haimson wrote:
      > Martine Guerrier has been appointed "chief family engagement officer"
      > at Tweed. I wish her good luck.
      > Without any real evidence that DOE officials are prepared to listen to
      > parents' views on a number of critical issues relating to the future
      > of our schools, including the overriding need to reduce class size, I
      > don't hold out much hope that her appointment is any more than window
      > dressing.
      > If DOE really intended to take parents seriously, they would stop the
      > rush to put their proposals into effect, including the risky weighted
      > student funding proposal which could lead to real cuts at many
      > schools, and their new testing and grading schemes.
      > They would announce right now that they are starting from scratch.
      > Since this hasn’t happened, I don’t put much faith that they intend to
      > change their ways.
      > See DOE press release below, as well as email message from Tom Huser,
      > CEC person at Tweed.
      > Instead, I think this announcement today is their way of trying to
      > head off the bad press they expect to get as a result of the rally
      > tonight.
      > What do others think?
      > Leonie Haimson

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