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  • mchgh_lln
    Sep 3, 2013
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      Chief Exec. Officer? Good grief!


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      Does anyone else get these? I certainly didn't ask for them.

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      Date: Sep 3, 2013 8:47 PM
      Subject: Hey there
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      Democracy Prep Logo
      Katie's Address
      I’m Katie and I am now the Chief Executive Officer of Democracy Prep Public Schools. I wanted to take a minute to wish you a happy first day of school! I’m so proud and excited for my first year heading up this amazing organization. We have a lot of new going on this year: new schools in Harlem and in Camden, new leaders, new teachers, and even new newsletters! But most importantly we get to welcome our new scholars.
      We say at Democracy Prep that growth matters most. And that permeates everything that we do. Every year, we expect our scholars to grow, and we expect ourselves to grow. In one year we have grown from six schools to nine schools; from 235 DREAM Team members to 360; and from 1,500 scholars to more than 2,100 scholars. As you may have heard New York State even has a new assessment that’s more aligned to the Common Core. We believe this new test is mission-aligned with Democracy Prep because it’s a better gauge of how prepared our scholars are to go to college. And it will give us better tools to make sure they make it down that long road to higher education so that they can go out and change the world.

      Whenever the bumps in that road get to be too much, I take a chance to talk to some of our scholars. And when I do, it reminds me that no road is too bumpy. Not when the future of our kids is at stake. Not when Stanley and Francisco and Kayla and Alisha are counting on us. They remind me, as we say, ‘to keep calm and badger on.’ (FYI…the honey badger is my official mascot. The honey badger fights for what is needed, regardless of how challenging the odds.) Closing the achievement gap is not easy. No one person, no one teacher, no one school can do it alone…we need your help too. So, I ask that you take a little bit of time today and do one of these things to help Democracy Prep get even stronger: If you are our 11,000th "like" we’ll even send you a new hat! Or you can just wear a pop of Democracy Prep yellow tomorrow and think of our scholars on the path to college! I’m grateful that you took time to watch and listen to me. And if you’ve watched and listened this long and you’re not my grandma, I’m really impressed. You’ve earned yourself a DREAM dollar!

      Honey badger out,
      Katie Duffy Signature

      DP Shield
      Democracy Prep Public Schools
      207 West 133rd Street
      New York, NY 10030

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