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51611FW: Updated info on NJ Pearson protest, May 23

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  • Leonie Haimson
    May 9, 2013
    Join with Reverend Jesse Jackson

    The NJ event targeting unwarranted subsidies to corporate testing giant Pearson, Inc has been rescheduled to Thursday, May 23. Info below and flyer attached. Please spread the word.





    Pearson, Inc: Bad tax subsidies for bad education policies.


    End NJ Tax Subsidies for High Stakes Testing Giant Pearson, Inc.

    Thursday, May 23rd, 12:00PM

    Hoboken Ferry, 1 Hudson Place , Hoboken NJ

    • End corporate welfare and fund our public schools!

    • Protest tax subsidy ‘payoffs for layoffs’ to test publishing giant Pearson!


    Governor Christie offered Pearson Education, Inc. an $80 million tax break to move offices from Bergen County to Hoboken, even though Pearson is making a killing off its high stakes testing contracts with states like New Jersey and New York. And what did Pearson do? They turned around and moved over 600 jobs to New York, which is giving them millions more in additional tax breaks. The British-based multinational also took advantage of a Hurricane Sandy tax deferral to significantly lower its 2012 United States tax bill.


    Pearson is one of the private companies that has profited most from the test-based corporate education reform movement. They don’t need tax breaks to move offices, especially when those tax breaks are paid for with continued cuts to public schools.


    On May 23rd, join us at the Hoboken Ferry as we protest the high-stakes testing giant’s bad behavior and the policies that bankroll it.


    Speakers will include:

    Bill Holland, coordinator of the Better Choices for New Jersey campaign

    Leonie Haimson, Ex. Dir., Class Size Matters & NYC Public School Parents blog

    Stan Karp, Education Law Center


    A brief history of Pearson’s problems with testing


    Pearson Rakes in the Profit


    Flyer attached. For more info:  Call NJ Working Families Alliance 973-273-3363 or email rob@...