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  • nealhugh17
    Apr 6, 2013
      TY JD--- and we have a solution now we think and I am happy to share... Our problem also originates w children who chose not to attend the SHSAT schools... Best, Neal 212 222 9112...
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      THAT. of course. is one of the most critical causes of waitlists in
      general & Neal's quandry in particular. As a matter of premeditated
      POLICY, the DOE has deliberately countenanced the socioeconomic
      segregation of virtually a MAJORITY of its non-specialized top
      performing schools.

      The racially discriminatory effects of that policy in D2 are
      extraordinarily clear. Thus, schools like ElRo, Batuch & Lab (which are
      BOTH screened AND are limited to D2 children) consistently have Black &
      Hispanic population of usually no more than 20% (perhaps because of its
      inclusion of a large portion of D1, Millennium is the exception to that

      Meanwhile. the enrollment of Manhattan Village Academy (a fairly highly
      rated - albeit VERY conservative - school - located just a few blocks
      from Baruch but which is open yo applicants Manhattan-wide) is
      approximately 90% Black & Hispanic. At the same time, the Black &
      Hispanic populations of other elite non-specialized citywide schools
      like Beacon and Bard hover around one-third.

      I have personally raised this "elephant in the room" at public CEC
      meetings with Joel Klein, New School forums sponored by InsideSchools
      and on this list. Yet, neither that 21dy Century Civil Rights Leader
      NOR the moderators in the other two fora have ever found that disparity
      to be even slightly disturbing. I guess it all boils down to whose ox
      gets gored.

      IMHO (and also based on my experience with the D15 Middle School choice
      program), the biggest reason that children get "unassigned" is a failure
      by the children and/or their parents to recognize the lay of the land.
      EVERYONE for example, opts for Baruch or ElRo even though a non-D2 child
      has NO chance at admission (even Eva's! who live, AFAIK, in D5). That
      coupled with a refusal to consider and/or list AVAILABLE "second tier"
      schools (e.g., Frank McCourt) is the main culprit (at least vis-a-vis
      readers of this list

      That is not to say that it's entirely the fault of the parents or kids.
      As far as I can tell, the "assistance" provided by Middle School
      Guidance Counselors and associated staff is beneath pitiful. Likewise,
      all eighth graders should be forced to memorize and understand the
      selection "algorithm" (for which its author got a Nobel Prize) so that
      they can effectively explain it to their parents And yes, despite some
      actual progress, there are still not enough good high school choices

      Jim Devor (soon to be former) President of CEC-15 and candidate for a
      Manhattan slot of next CCHS

      --- In nyceducationnews@yahoogroups.com, Lisa Donlan <lisabdonlan@...>

      > Yet a number of "high performing" HSs are basically zoned for their
      > A whole slew of the "better" ones in Manhattan can take only the
      cream of the D2 crop, and I imagine not even close to all that apply-
      ElRo (bought and paid for by Eva!), Baruch College, SOF, Millenium ( to
      a large extent- paid for by LMDC funds, so does include a slice of D1),
      Lab, Museum, to name most.
      > ( Isn't taking the highest performing students from the wealthiest zip
      codes a near guarantee of " excellence"?)

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