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34626RE: [nyceducationnews] student protest vs. another abusive Leadership Academy principal

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  • Noah E Gotbaum
    Apr 1, 2011

      I mentioned the Ed Reformers complicity in this because of their number one policy initiative is to remove teacher tenure and other due process protections, thereby giving carte blanche to abuses like this.




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      Only if parents sue; it is almost impossible to find legal representation for cases like this.


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      I guess the Corporation Counsel is going to spend a lot of money defending Joel Klein in a suit asking that damages be levied against him personally for this disgraceful conduct.  - Dee Alpert

      On 4/1/2011 7:15 AM, Jonathan wrote:


      But this is different. The superintendent removed him - the next day Klein put him back (after the finding of sexual harassment was confirmed). The harassment issue may generate more headlines - but this is an issue of a protected Leadership Academy principal with a wide range of abusive behavior towards staff and students.


      On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 2:05 AM, Dee Alpert <sappell@...> wrote:


      I don't see that this h as anything to do with "education deformers."  The NYC DOE kept on an a.p. in Queens despite numerous rumors re his molesting female students for years; then ... he got himself transferred to Stuy. where he serially molested 23 female students.  That was before the Bloomberg/Klein education "deform" move - in happened under a prior Mayor and prior Chancellor, Harold Levy.  Or at least, the a.p. was caught and prosecuted under Levy.  His serial molestations went on for many years before then in at least 2 different high schools.

      There are recurrent stories nationally about what is called the "pass the trash" process whereby principals and/or superintendents agree to give molesters decent references and not have them disciplined or prosecuted as long as they keep quiet about what they've done and move to another district.  This is an historic process; zero to do with any education "reform" measures; before , even, the current folks whom you would call "deformers" were even born.  If you want to know something about adult molestations of students in schools, check out Prof. Charol Shakeshaft's study for US DOE, on US DOE's web site, published about 6 years ago.

      Dee Alpert

      On 4/1/2011 1:57 AM, Noah E Gotbaum wrote:



      Read it again, Leonie.  He wasn’t just accused of sexual harassment; he was found guilty of it - groping his payroll secretary.  So the DOE sends her packing and he stays on.  Only to be under investigation 2 more times for the same offense.   Ask your question again: “Why is the DOE keeping this guy on?”


      Perhaps it’s because he’s had the fine judgment only to grope and harass his staff, but not his students - those he’s just trying to suspend them for exercising their most basic rights.


      And this is the guy whom the DOE and the other education “reformers” want determining the fate and future of our teachers – all without their tenure due process or seniority protections.   Then again, why would teachers need these protections when they can be evaluated by a fair-minded public servant like this Principal?





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      Subject: [nyceducationnews] student protest vs. another abusive Leadership Academy principal



      Principal Bost has been accused of sexual harassment numerous times, as cited in this DN article last year; and yet DOE kept him on for unknown reasons.

      http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/education/2010/06/24/2010-06-24_bx_principal_probed__again__in _sex_harass_charges_from_staffers.html

      More on this see: http://jd2718.wordpress.com/2010/09/13/protest-at-fordham-leadership-academy/

      Recently students were suspended for handing around DN article after two teachers were allegedly brought up for charges of “incompetence” by same principal, but acc. to students, actually for “knowing too much” about principal’s ongoing abuses. 

      Bost (of course) another LA grad.  Students then organized a walkout.    See video below




      Roosevelt H.S. students stage walkout

      (03/29/11) THE BRONX - About two dozen Roosevelt High School students staged a walkout today that is now raising questions about why two popular staff members were let go.

      Benjamin Rodriguez says he led the protest after being suspended for distributing copies of a news article that discussed a sexual harassment case against Principal Richard Bost.

      Students say they believe the faculty members were let go for knowing too much information about the principal. However, the Department of Education (DOE) says that teacher Mike Mullen and counselor Diane Ghallagher are facing termination hearings for incompetence.

      The DOE also confirmed that Bost is a probationary principal and that his probation was extended three years after a sexual harassment allegation was substantiated.




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