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  • Harvey Beringer
    Jan 12, 2011


      OFIA is a complete waste of money.  Ewel Napier ad Lori Butera were totally ineffective in resolving my problems with Gerry Waterman the past president of the PTA at Bayside High School who decided to increase the pay of  instructors for a SAT course without any approval of the board.  It was probably done so his son with poor grades could receive favorable treatment from his teachers.


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      follwing are some emails between myself and Ewel. For your information, OFIA will be "training" CECs in February. Does everyone realize there will be elections again in May of 2011?

      NYS School Boards Assn has done past trainings for the CECs. However, at each training NYSBA has been surprised to learn that CECs do not have the same responsibilities as school boards:


      * CECs do not hire District Superintendents, whereas the boards do

      * CECs do not negotiate contracts, whereas the boards do

      * CECs do not determine budgets, whereas the boards do

      The folks from NYSBA are always at a loss when they are asked questions specific to NYC issues. In fact a few times there have been some very unpleasant rumblings from the participants about this.

      To Ewel Napier
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      Can't we get someone from the NYC area who knows about the CECs to do the training? How about having various CEC members talk to their colleagues about common issue instead of bringing another outfit that has no familiarity with NYC?

      Why not have some DOE people there to talk about ARIS or SESIS or the new special ed. initiative? An awful lot of the CEC folks aren't familiar with their network leaders or network configurations.

      An awful lot of CEC folks are not familiar with the structure of the PEP

      An awful lot of CEC folks are not familiar with the members of the PEP

      Did anyone poll the CECs to see what training folks think they need?

      No one will attend if the training is of no interest to them

      How will the DOE decide which topic areas are important?

      How did the DOE decide the structure of the day?

      Survey Monkey is easy to use and free.....hint, hint, hint!

      Hi again

      Any news on this front? Will we have training in the near future or will we be waiting until the new elections?

      What's an internal content office?

      Ellen Mc Hugh
      Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
      Mark Twain

      From Ewel
      Good afternoon Ellen,

      In the past OFIA has surveyed councils to determine trainings of interest to councils, we will follow the same practice for councils during the 2011 through 2013 term. Additionally, we will be facilitating CEC trainings between February 2011 and June 2011.

      The term internal content offices is a reference to the various offices within the DoE (e.g. Office of Student Enrollment, School Construction Authority and Office for Family Information and Action) that will be asked to facilitate specific trainings for CECs.

      If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


      Ewel Napier

      Senior Manager, Citywide and Community Education Council Unit

      New York City Department of Education

      Office for Family Information and Action

      49 Chambers, New York, NY 10007 Room 503

      Office: 212-374-2435

      Fax: 212-374-0138


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