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15047Tribalism Overreaction

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  • N. Weiner
    Jul 1, 2009
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      The reason our schools are failing is not because of our Mayor and Education Commissioner, not because of Mayoral control, but because of politically correct so called watchdog groups that would rather react to demagoguery out of fear and anger and ignorance and that major in minor and minor in major as opposed to actually taking the time to check the facts.

      Back in high school, we had a chemistry teacher who Irish, very pro Irish, and fancied himself a modern day Elliot Ness. He would patrol the school's men's rooms,looking for miscreants that were smoking. One day during English class, he busted a fellow Irishman, dragged him back to class, then told the teacher to take it easy on him, he was a member of the tribe.

      Two days ago on the news, I heard the head of an organization that serves the disabled talking about how the word "disabled" was stigmatizing, and that the word "disabled" should be substituted with the words "disabled person." I guess it's more important to worry about how the disabled are referred to than to worry about universal access for them, speeding up the process to get them benefits, etc.

      Dictionary.com refers to a "tribe" as "a class or set of persons, esp. one with strong common traits or interests." Is that not what a group of people interested in ending Mayoral control is?

      I find David Cantor's lack of empathy appalling. But I find even more appalling people that would rather overreact to an individual engaging in his Constitutionally protected First Amendment rights rather than actually band together, make the people elected to represent us work for us (as it's supposed to be), and make real, positive change in the quality of life in this city. And if you'd like to see some overreaction: I'm a Caucasian male. I have a son in the school system. Since someone wrote that the remark was offensive to Black and Latinos, I guess that means that White people did not get offended, shouldn't get offended, have no right to get offended, and our children have no right to a quality education or to be treated with dignity and respect? Sounds like reverse discrimination to me. Why doesn't someone get offended over judge Sotomayor's ruling that invalidated the test results of a promotional civil service examination? Or the Bakke ruling? Or the University of Michigan ruling? Or anywhere else where the courts have held that it's all right to discriminate against Whites?

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