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  • Lisa Garrett
    I agree. Goals would either be taking a stance on these topics and doing something about them (and outlining how) or expaniding on the particulars of the
    Message 1 of 11 , Jul 30, 2006
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      I agree. Goals would either be taking a stance on these topics and doing something about them (and outlining how) or expaniding on the particulars of the mission statement. Jason, perhaps you can provide an example of a similiar organization's goals with similiar mission statements to get started? Or anyone else for that matter since we have a forum to post them...
      Once we have those, it's time for the next meeting to decide on how we're going organize - democracy? dictatorship? parliament? ;) you know what i mean..
      I think then comes the website as a tool to recruit political and/or nonpolitical heavyweights in the music industry and/or city govn't to facilitate our goals.
      Does this sound like the direction everyone wants to head - or we can also just keep it as an informal grassroots newsgroup/forum as we have it now...

      On 7/27/06, Candice Beckmann <beckmanncandice@...> wrote:

      Are these topics really goals? They seem to be more so areas of research and interest. I think when we were talking about goals it was more so about what the group will be doing on a regular basis, and what direction we are headed in. Should be possibly compare ourselves to similar organizations to refine our goals? There seems to be no point in covering the same types of topics and concerns that other organizations are already working on, right?
      ~ Candice

      Jason Gross <perfect@...> wrote:
      Hi all,

      I know I'm way behind on this but my life has been one bit of
      insanity after another (the blackout didn't help). I promise to get
      on this next week, putting together a list of more specific goals but
      if anyone wants to chime in about them or any others that we've
      forgetten so far, please feel free to.

      Some of them were:

      * Cabaret/Noise laws

      * Affordable Housing for musicians

      * Visa/travel issues

      * Clearinghouse for grants

      * Health insurance for musicians and industry people

      * Working conditions in clubs

      Once we hammer this out, I think we agreed that we can work on
      outreach. Questions? Comments? Thoughts?


      --- In nyc-music-commission@yahoogroups.com , Jason Gross
      <perfect@...> wrote:
      > At 02:37 PM 7/14/2006 -0400, you wrote:
      > >Well we do all seem to be on the same page .. i suggest we need
      > >another meeting or two to focus ourselves on what the mission
      > >statements actually means and how to realistically mover forward.
      > >Before we start expanding we nee to all be on the same page as to
      > >what the next step/steps are.
      > >
      > >That said all open to what ever the direction is that there is
      consensus on.
      > Fair enough. I think we can work on some specific goals beyond the
      > mission statement and also start to brainstorm who we would contact
      > to get involved here once that's done. For contacts, Robert S had
      > good idea and Yalan was kind enough to offer to help with getting
      > touch with other folks out there.
      > For the goals, I can whip up a rough draft over the weekend based
      > our previous discussions/meetings. If anyone else wants to throw
      > some ideas, please feel free to do so also!
      > Cheers,
      > Jason
      > P.S. If anyone wants to have their list subscription changed to
      > digest (a bunch of e-mail's lumped into one longer message) rather
      > than individual e-mail's from the list, let me know and I'll change
      > that for you.
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      ~ Candice Beckmann

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