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07 meeting

Hi all, Happy belated new year and time to catch up again. I've been a little lax as I've been finishing up the latest edition of my zine and putting a few
Jason Gross
Jan 28, 2007

Re: Happy holidays and apologies

Happy holidays to as well Jason... In case you don't see it, here's a good article in this weeks Voice on current clublife and the hopefully quick oncoming
Tim B, NYC
Dec 21, 2006

Happy holidays and apologies

hi all, Supreme apologies that I've been lax with following up with people. My last few weeks have been unmanageable and unfortunately, the commission is one
Jason Gross
Dec 20, 2006

The Hunt

Hi everyone, I hope that everyone is doing well during this busy holiday season. I am currently job hunting, although still employed, and wanted to know if
Dec 11, 2006

Grants research

Been sitting on this for a while, but finally uploaded a very short list of what I've found for appropriate New York-only music grants. LG
Lisa G
Dec 3, 2006

OFF TOPIC - come be in our documentary

Most of you are very well qualified to be in a documentary some friends of mine are making so I'm extending an invite: Monday, December 4 - come join myself,
Nov 20, 2006

Re: OFF TOPIC any tips of CMJ acts to see and hear

I'm going to see Domino act, the Archie Bronson Outfit, on Tuesday at Sin-e (9:00). They're also at Mercury Lounge on Thursday at 11:00. Tim ... Tim B,
Tim B, NYC
Oct 29, 2006

OFF TOPIC any tips of CMJ acts to see and hear

Being able to hopefully be in one place at a time .. I would appreciate if any of you have a recommendation for me .. Is there such a thing as too much music?
jim fouratt
Oct 29, 2006

Re: Reviving the discussion here

Hey Jason... thanks so for staying on top of this increasingly important project .. jim fouratt
jim fouratt
Oct 29, 2006

Reviving the discussion here

Hi all, My apologies for dropping the ball and not keeping the discussion going recently. Been deadly busy with work but I still want us to keep moving on
Jason Gross
Oct 29, 2006

"Z" Foundation

http://www.lala.com/frontend/action/z Inspired by Charlie Chaplin's visionary creation of the Motion Picture Relief Fund and United Artists, lala.com is today
Sep 27, 2006

Healthcare Research

Hi Everyone, I finally uploaded the research I did for healthcare for musicians. Please see the files section of this yahoo group. It turns out there are some
Sep 26, 2006

A little advice needed

Hi all, I am looking for a little advice from any of you. I have decided to leave my current position at the Neuberger Museum, so I can re-enter the live music
Candice Beckmann
Sep 19, 2006

nyc music commission - Artist Housing.

Hey all, Interesting tid bit for ya'll. The Robin Hood Foundation http://www.robinhood.org/home/home.cfm is one of the major non-profits that has been
Candice Beckmann
Sep 18, 2006

Fwd: Insurance option for freelance; (artists)

From Robert Singerman: , the FreelancerĀ¹s Union. They are trying to offer their Insurance, insurance that was offered to a few folks
Jason Gross
Sep 11, 2006
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