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73Reviving the discussion here

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  • Jason Gross
    Oct 29, 2006
      Hi all,

      My apologies for dropping the ball and not keeping the discussion
      going recently. Been deadly busy with work but I still want us to
      keep moving on because we have a great group of people here and a lot
      of issues that still concern all of us and need to be worked on.

      I'm going to post a few things over the new few days related to issues
      we've been talking about earlier this year. If anyone else has more
      to add, please feel free to.

      Lisa G is working on info about grants and I'll have something to post
      about health insurance. I'll also be talking to Matthew about the
      visa issue and setting up some kind of guide for that.

      Also, after the madness that is the CMJ fest is finished next weekend,
      we should plan to meet up again to speak more about goals, research
      and outreach.

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