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71Healthcare Research

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  • culmode
    Sep 26, 2006
      Hi Everyone,

      I finally uploaded the research I did for healthcare for musicians.
      Please see the files section of this yahoo group. It turns out there
      are some great options out there - the actors and dancers in this
      city took care of that and all the services are available to

      The notes I took on the Asian American Alliance Meeting corresponds
      to the AHIRC file. I would really recommend everyone hold on to the
      AHIRC file and the name Jim Brown (his phone number is on there)
      because if there is ever a day where you find yourself in need of
      healthcare, it is a great resource. Jim is also a healthcare advisor
      and invites people in need of assistance to contact him. He offered
      to come to one of our meetings if people want him to do his talk (it
      was excellent).

      In terms of the NYC Music Commission, I was sort of leaning more
      towards simply providing this information for musicians at this
      point rather than taking on the healthcare crusade. I also think we
      could work with these other more established organizations who have
      already made so much headway with everything.

      Thoughts? Questions?

      Sorry this took me a little while to get everything together.