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60RE: [nyc-music-commission] NYC music commission: Goals, headlines & projects

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  • Candice Beckmann
    Sep 1, 2006
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      I can do some looking into affordable housing.
      ~ Candice

      Jason Gross <perfect@...> wrote:
      Hi all,

      Just to follow-up on topics for research within the group, here's a
      list of people who've volunteered to look into these topics

      - Health care programs (Danielle)
      - Visa/travel issues (Matthew)
      - Grants- what's available, how are they obtained? (Lisa)
      (mind you, these people would be glad to work with others here to find info!)

      - The Cabaret Law
      - Affordable artist housing

      I myself am gonna assist all/any above and provide any info I have
      already. Any other takers?

      PLUS... for the goals we came up with, any ideas about how to narrow
      or expand what we came up with at the last meeting?


      P.S. Nice Voice article, written by our own Trish Romano!

      At 11:01 PM 8/28/2006 -0400, you wrote:

      >I would be happy to look up Health care programs for musicians. Hopefully I
      >will be able to get to it this week.
      >Danielle Culmone
      >Vice President of Sales
      ><mailto:dculmo% 40tmail.com>dculmo@tmail. com
      >www.sophistproduct ions.com
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      >From: Jason Gross [mailto:perfect@furious. com]
      >Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2006 10:56 PM
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      >Subject: [nyc-music-commissi on] NYC music commission: Goals, headlines &
      >Hi all,
      >Just wanted to talk about...
      >Just wanted to follow-up on the discussion about goals that we came
      >up with in the last meeting. Do they look good? Is there anyone you
      >could change or add?
      >Is everyone comfortable with the idea of our group speaking out
      >against racism and homophobia in the industry, particularly when it
      >comes to artists who might espouse this kind of thing or is the First
      >Amendment more important here?
      >Another idea that came up during the meeting is that there are areas
      >of research where we'd need to find out more information. If anyone
      >has any interest in looking into these subjects further and reporting
      >back to the group, let me know. You wouldn't be expected to do all
      >the work yourself but even if you could do a little research, it
      >would be a big help.
      >- Affordable artist housing
      >- Health care programs
      >- Visa/travel issues
      >- The Cabaret Law
      >- Grants- what's available, how are they obtained?
      >- Anything else?
      >Here's two articles I thought you all might be interested in seeing.
      >Creative types get a bit of business schooling
      ><<http://www.calendar live.com/ printedition/ calendar/ cl-ca-capital20a ug20,0,50>http://www.calendar live.com/ printedition/ calendar/ cl-ca-capital20a ug20,0,50
      >78755.story? coll=cl-calendar >
      >Though this group focuses on visual arts, it's an interesting idea
      >that might be good to apply to the music world
      >New city code should tone down the noise
      ><<http://www.amny. com/news/ local/am- noise0822, 0,1900386. story>http://www.amny. com/news/ local/am- noise0822, 0,1900386. story>
      >The first changes in the noise code since 1973
      >Note this in particular: "For bars and nightclubs, speaker stacks
      >will have to be turned down to 42 decibels, instead of the old 45
      >limit. Also, the bass vibrations themselves will now count as noise.
      >The old code only classified audible music as noise pollution.
      >Although the maximum fines for some noise violations will increase,
      >nightclub owners will be given the option of installing more
      >soundproofing instead of paying cash to the city. To enforce the new
      >code, police officers throughout the city will be outfitted with
      >decibel meters."
      >By the way, for anyone trying to contact me this weekend, I'm out of
      >town and mostly offline from Thursday through Sunday but I'll be
      >checking my mail when I get back.
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

      ~ Candice Beckmann

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