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Join us for the New England Harmony Brigade this September-Space is Limited

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  • Lee D
    Dear Fellow Singers: The Second New England Extreme Quartetting Harmony Brigade Rally will take place on September 20-22nd, 2013 at the Marriott in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2013
      Dear Fellow Singers:

      The Second New England "Extreme Quartetting" Harmony Brigade Rally will take place on September 20-22nd, 2013 at the Marriott in Marlborough Mass. An "Extreme Quartetting" Brigade is once-a-year weekend where experienced quartetters (who do not need to have sung with each other) get together for fellowship, great singing, and most of all..great quartetting!

      While you don't need to be a Champ to apply, it is an event for experienced quartetters or those with significant a cappella musical experience only. Why? Attendees are given four to five months to learn 12 Gold Medal-level arrangements and must commit to being totally and unfailingly 100% prepared on words, notes and interpretation before arriving. Singers are given support by way of learning CD's, mentoring and run-throughs held in various cities at attendees homes, but the responsibility is on the singer to arrive fully prepared and ready to sing with any 3 other guys. What a thrill it is to participate in quartets singing songs that you have heard sung by the Champs but never thought you would get to sing yourself!

      Upon arrival, all participate in a "randomly chosen" quartet contest on Friday night, (all for fun, of course) and "judged" by none other than our honored guests for the weekend and Saturday Night show headliners, Men In Black!. There is a Saturday night show held at a nearby venue that is open to the public where we show off step-out quartets formed over the weekend and sing together in a 100-man chorus. Following the show, back at the hotel we hold a "top 10 quartet" contest for the coveted "gold paper prize" and 5 minutes of fame!

      Brigades have sprung up all over the country because they are a great way to meet new potential quartet mates and to get to know like minded people who are in the area, and they are fun! . Because everyone arrives 100% prepared, we all get right down to singing with guys who really know their parts (including you!) Furthermore, we all come away having learned 12 great new songs - bring your entire quartet and come away with an entire new repertoire! The cost is modest, we get good room rates and your meals (two dinners and two breakfasts) are included, as is all music and a professionally produced learning CD for your part, sung by the likes of Tim Waurick, Simon Rylander and Tim Brooks.

      Last year's inaugural brigade was a runaway success. We had close to one hundred men in attendance. Songs in 2012 included favorites by quartets such as Keepsake (Blue Velvet, Moonlight Brings Memories), O.C. Times (A Fool Such As I, It Happened in Monterrrey), The Gas House Gang (Lullabye), Revival (Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia), Joker's Wild (South Rampart Street Parade) and many more.

      If you are looking for the quartetting experience of a lifetime, please apply at www.nehb.net and join us in September, 2013. Applications are due by February 14th so don't delay!

      PS - please spread the word by forwarding this note to anyone you feel might be interested. There is no geographic limitation, in 2012 we had singers from as far away as Texas and North Carolina. But we must keep a balance of parts, so the sooner you get your application in, the more chance you have of getting accepted before we have to start a "wait list."

      Yours, In Harmony,
      Lee Daum
      35 George St.
      Arlington, MA 02476
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