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The "Applause" Show - Are there really two?

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  • CASAJersey@aol.com
    Hi there all you lovers of A cappella and Barbershop Harmony. Thanks for listening to The APPLAUSE Show, on Thursday nights from 6:30 - 11:00PM from the
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      Hi there all you lovers of A cappella and Barbershop Harmony.

      Thanks for listening to The "APPLAUSE" Show, on Thursday nights from 6:30 - 11:00PM from the studios of WVRM, Village Radio, in Montclair, New Jersey, Hosted by Rich Taylor, Rich Pearson, CASA New Jersey Ambassador, and T.J. Barranger, the Musical Director of the Somertones chapter of SPEBSQSA.

      We have had several questions by email this week surrounding what appears to be duplicate postings of playlists from The APPLAUSE Show. We thought we would explain for those who are interested. In April of 1997, I was asked by the Hunterdon Harmonizers, my chapter of
      SPEBSQSA, to develope a radio show and present the idea to WDVR-FM, a local non-profit radio station, as a possible addition to their programming schedule. At the time the Harmonizers did not know of my previous radio experience from college and commercially on the local town AM Station. In College, I also hosted a show called The "APPLAUSE" Show so, in 1997, I thought why not use the same name? So we did, and I hosted that show from April of 1997 till October of 2001 when, due to a creative difference on how the owners of WDVR-FM wanted to run The "APPLAUSE" Show, I decided to leave the station. As you know, we emailed you on October 11th when T.J. Barranger and I were to broadcast our last show. Well, the station owners were advised of our email before they received my resignation letter, and they terminated TJ and I as staff members of WDVR-FM. They were advised that the name, The "APPLAUSE" Show, was registered to me for business purposes in the State of New Jersey, and in Hunterdon County where the station was located, and I asked that they stop using the name. Dave Stadtmauer, the former "air-chair" engineer on the old show, continues to do a show which happens to air on
      Thursday nights as well, although only 7:00-10:00pm. That show has it's own format, and is not the format that was developed on the show over the years when I hosted the show.

      Rich Pearson, CASA New Jersey Ambassador, T.J. Barranger, the Musical Director of The Somertones Chapter of SPEBSQSA , and I, the original ond continuing Host of The "APPLAUSE" Show, were extremely pleased when we were contacted by the owner of WVRM Radio, Village Radio in Montclair, NJ. George Louvis, a man committed to excellent braodcasting, is in the process of developing a full time, live broadcasting radio station in the Northern New Jersey marketplace, and to providing the very best streaming of programming currently offered on the internet. AND, much to our pleasure, he feels that the A Cappella audience is an audience worth seeking out, and he has committed to allowing The "APPLAUSE" Show, the ensemble show you are now listening to, to be the "CORNERSTONE" show with 4 1/2 hours of live broadcasting each Thursday, and in a few short months, a Sunday Afternoon show to benefit the weekend A Cappella listeners.

      We want to be the best....we are now in the process of rebuilding the library of the show. We had to leave the CD's that were gratiously donated to the show when it was on the other station. We are inviting groups to come to the studio (a lot closer to one of the mainstreams of a cappella music, New York City) and perform live for you. We are attending as many barbershop shows and contemporary a cappella concerts as we can, bringing information to you and others just like you. We will be emailing all of the great groups that
      supported the show at the other station and, until then, we have purchased a good deal of product from Don Gooding at Mainely A Cappella and TJ, Rich and I have our personal collections to keep the show going. And finally, we are planning a cappella/barbershop shows which will be recorded, or done live, and broadcast over WVRM radio.

      Thank you so much for your continuing support. We hope this clears up any questions about the two "APPLAUSE" Shows......were glad you have chosen us. I look forward to seeing you at shows throughout the east coast, and I am excited that I will be a part of the 2002 International SPEBSQSA Webcast in July. To contact any of the team , you may use the following email addresses:

      Rich Pearson - CASAJERSEY@...
      TJ Barranger - chordz1@...
      Rich Taylor - RMTMUSIC@...

      Thanks for all of your continued support. Look for the Playlists each week!

      The "APPLAUSE" Show Team
      Rich Taylor, Host
      Rich Pearson, On-Air Personality
      T.J.Barranger, Engineer

      Broadcasting every Thursday Night 6:30PM-11:00PM
      On WVRM, 1620AM, Montclair, New Jersey
      On the Internet at www.villageradio.com,
      email us at: applause@...
      Winner of the 2000 International P.R.O.B.E. Award of Excellence
      Winner of the 1999 Mid Atlantic District P/R Award of Excellence
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