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THN...The Harmony Network Needs Your support We are Dark until January 4th

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    To all people who have ever heard of THN...The Harmony Network. This email comes to you as a member of the close harmony world or, perhaps, as a person who
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2006
      To all people who have ever heard of THN...The Harmony Network.
      This email comes to you as a member of the close harmony world or, perhaps, as a person who has listened to THN...The Harmony Network since our inception on March 12 2004.  Please read this email and respond if you can.  The future of THN...The Harmony Network will depend on your response.
      The Harmony Network was organized in 2004 as the first FCC licensed radio network that was willing to turn over it's live broadcasting time to the barbershop and a cappella community. This month, we received the official ruling from the Internal Revenue Service designating THN...The Harmony Network as a registered non profit educational tax exempt organization effective March 12, 2004, thereby making ALL donations tax deductible, including those made from 3/12/04 to 12/8/06.
      More than 50 people have given of their time and talent over the last 2 years and 8 months to make the network what it is today. Co-Founder Grady Kerr, a well known barbershopper, created the web pages for THN that are now maintained by Gary Rush.  Mike Keedy from Florida, gave his voice and radio announcer expertise for the "drops and voiceovers" for all of the spot announcements used on the network.  T.J. Barranger, Rich Pearson, David Thompson, Dave Stadtmauer and Marty Israel gave of their talent to host or co-host a show along the way.  Countless individuals, chapters, districts and companies have donated throughout the two year existence of the network.
      NOW, we need your help to continue this work.  The monthly expenses for the network to operate the current 4 shows runs $450-$600.00 per month, all paid by listener support.  To bring the network to a 24/7 broadcast schedule allowing for archived shows, remote broadcasts and the equipment to carry a broader local signal will run $1400-1600.00 per month, less than $20,000.00 per year.  Our present landlord, owner of the FCC license and the building, has been very good to us during the first 32 months of operation, but now says he has to receive payment for our operations or he will have to ask us to leave.
      This email will reach more than 4500 people who call themselves members of the barbershop or the a cappella community.  We are asking YOU, each one of you, to consider a gift of at least $5.00.  Many of you can afford more and we will appreciate that, but if everyone just sent $5.00, we would not be is a severe cash situation.  And our belief is that the value of having live radio that features the music you love might be worth a donation of at least $5.00.  And, if you are the president or officer of a company that could benefit from advertising to the community of acappella and barbershop singers, please email us and we can give you advertising rates for your company.  We guarantee that the rates will be attractive.
      PLEASE consider this appeal....your gifts can be made either by mail to : THN...The Harmony Network, 41 Watchung Plaza, #222, Montclair, NJ 07042, or you can go to Paypal at www.paypal.com and send your donation to the2004thn@... .  Please send your gifts today.  We need to know you support our efforts, and we need to know now that we should continue this effort..
      On behalf of the staff and show hosts of THN...The Harmony Network, I remain,
      In Harmony,
      Rich Taylor, President
      Since the inception of the network in 2004, the following shows have been produced and broadcast:
          Monday Night With Joaner - Originally the Joaner & Bea show, Jeanne Garrett
              has done the show since it's beginning. Jeanne has guest co-hosts and live
              performers in the studio and brings a wealth of experience as a member of
              of the Ramapo Valley Spotlight Championship chorus.  Her female insight
              into the world of a cappella music is refreshing each Monday night from 7 -11PM.
          The Best Of Both Worlds - Ari Brafman is a "collector's collector. Ari has been
              collecting lots of "things" during his adult life.  His interest in music has
              been reflected in his collection of DVDs and CD's numbering in the 1,000's.
              His show plays the original artist performing a tune, then Ari has located an
              a cappella or barbershop group that has "covered the same tune.  He often
              has his nephew as a co-host and enjoys bringing these performances to
              his audience. TBOBW airs on Tuesday nights from 7-11PM Eastern time.
          The "APPLAUSE" Show -  Now in it's 10th year, the APPLAUSE Show has been
              bringing it's audiences the best of the barbershop and a cappella worlds, and
              is now one of the longest airing radio shows ever to feature "all vocal harmony,
              all the time".  The APPLAUSE Show has had more than 30 live barbershop
              groups in the studio, 5 youth quartets as part of our YMIH commitment, and
              3 high school acappella groups as part of our community outreach.  11
              professional a cappella groups from the Persuasions to Blue Jupiter have graced
              the THN microphones.  The show airs 7-11PM on Thursday nights.  
          The Sunday Night Showcase - Broadcast on Sunday evenings from 7-11PM, Vinnie
              Haynes, a barbershopper from the Big Apple Chorus, brings not only great
              music from the THN Library, but also brings Vinnie's Private Stock of music to
              his listeners.  Vinnie has been providing the Network with archived historic
              recordings as part of his commitment to his listeners.  Vinnie announces his
              shows in advance on the Harmonet and other discussion groups.
          The East Coast Acappela Review - Broadcast from April of 2004 through November
              of 2006, Garry and Linda Cascio brought to the airwaves 25 years of experience
              in the DooWop and Street Harmony genres.  Their show gained in popularity and
              the Network is looking to launch a new show featuring DooWop music.
          The Tuesday Night Swipes - Well known arranger and Music Judge Marty Israel hosted
              a weekly show featuring all genres of acappella music.  His "Mystery Tune" and his
              "Feature Cut" were highlights of his weekly show that aired for just over 2 years.
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