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Re: [nwneon] Just About Everything....

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  • Jeremy Van Winkle
    First off to you WW or neondrvr. Also Howell Automotive...i don t care about them, i just mentioned them in my last post cause Larry gave a reference to them.
    Message 1 of 13 , Oct 31, 2001
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      First off to you WW or neondrvr. Also Howell Automotive...i don't care about
      them, i just mentioned them in my last post cause Larry gave a reference to
      them. If everyone is entitled to thier sense of style and opinion, then get
      off the fact i bought different spark plugs than you did, and take your own
      advice before posting. I could also give a rats bottom who has been modding
      for how long, could you stop to think that maybe my Father has been modding
      for 40 years!! Thats longer than you have been alive buddy (just guessing).
      I hate to be the one to tell ALL of you (who keep judgeing me on my spark
      plug choice compared to your choice), but i do not bite, unless bitten. My
      information might not have been right in the first place, if this is a place
      to share the joy, then Larry could have just said "hey jeremy, check your
      info man, it think things are wrong." but if anyone will actually look at
      his post....he continually knocked on my "knowledge" and "research". Hey
      guys, i am just a little guy from Tn that is no where close in living
      proximities to any of you, i am in this group cause i ten to like it. I am
      not hostile nor up tight, but when everyone in this wonderful group tends to
      come against me for absolutely nothing without knowing everything, i am not
      totally at fault and will defend myself.

      Van Winkle-
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      Subject: Re: [nwneon] Just About Everything....

      > Larry has a right to his opinion, even if it's different from yours.
      > Larry's sense of style, and what looks good is obviously different from
      > yours. If you don't like that, tough, keep it to yourself. Most of us
      > on this list have been modding our Neon's for probably longer than you
      > have been driving. If not, then darn close to it. This therefore means
      > that we probably have done the necessary research, some of it by trial
      > and error, to know what is going to work the best on our cars. Just
      > because you can throw money into go fast parts for your car at will
      > doesn't make you an instant authority on Neon's and what makes them go
      > faster. And just because you think one particular brand of whatever
      > looks better than another brand doesn't necessarily mean it works
      > better. You aren't confusing your "sense of performance" with your
      > "sense of style" are you??
      > On another note, had you done farther research, and not trusted Gary
      > Howell's website to be the know all, end all of that which is Neon, you
      > would find that an Iceman for the PL2K was dyno tested on an Automatic
      > Neon, and showed a 6.6 horsepower gain. The estimated gain for a Manual
      > Neon is approximately 8.5 hp, exceeding that of the AEM intake. Further
      > research proves that three of the CAI's available for the PL2K are
      > within 1 horsepower of each other. This is not a big enough difference
      > to even worry about. If you think think the AEM looks better than the
      > Iceman, than by all means, buy it. From what I could see, they all look
      > pretty much the same. If you want to be that vain, knock yourself out.
      > Not like you are going to run around with your hood off though, so not
      > to many people are going to see it anyhow. As for your $52 dollar
      > plugs... they are going to make as much spark as the coil and wires can
      > send to them, just like any other plug. But hey, I'm sure that since
      > they say Denso on them, and cost $52 dollars, they must be better than
      > anything else on the market. I'll just be lame though, and keep buying
      > my $4 Champions, they seem to work pretty well, and If we both replace
      > them every 10,000 miles, in about 40,000 miles, I'll have saved about
      > enough money for a blackdog header. I might have to wait for 50,000
      > miles, but what the heck.
      > Going back into hiding now.....
      > WW
      > Oh yeah, if all you can do is flame someone when they disagree with you,
      > go hang out on Neons.org with the rest of the immature rice boys. We
      > have no use for that here.
      > Jeremy Van Winkle wrote:
      > > Larry, obviously everyone has thier own taste. I'll keep my plugs and
      > > intake, and mod my car as i feel pleased. I mean hey, how many people
      > > there will go and put a Wal-Mart quality brand snakeskin steering wheel
      > > cover on thier neon....i might be inclined to keep my neon without the
      > > steering wheel cover and have both a good looking car, with lots of
      > > performance. My research or knowledge on AEM and Iceman intakes, and how
      > > they comepare in Dyno charts may not be as wonderful and astounding as
      > > your's. But i can gaurentee my sense of performance is good enough, and
      > > will have my neon, with wheels that actually compliment the car instead
      > > making it worse. I at least know my sense of style will make my car look
      > > good, I only wish i could say the same for you Larry the Moderator. Oh
      > > of course, no offense man.
      > >
      > > Van Winkle-
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