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New CNBC poll: Is Shale-Gas Fracking EnvironmentallySafe?

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      Subject: [Natural Gas] New CNBC poll Is Shale-Gas Fracking EnvironmentallySafe?


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      In virtually every corner of the country, shale-gas formations are being tapped, thanks to new technology.

      With that technology, the U.S. has much more accessible natural gas than many ever imagined.

      But the technology involves fracturing, or fracking, rock formations and injecting massive amounts of water to suck out the natural gas.

      No one disputes that the waste water unleashed is environmentally unfriendly, but proponents argue that with the right collection and treatment setup, the water can be rendered harmless, and even be made drinkable again.

      Opponents say contamination of ground water is inevitable, and some have even gone so far as to approve fracking bans.

      What do you think?


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