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"8 Presidential Candidates Running in Illinois"

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  • Chris Robinson
    In Pennsylvania, both the Libertarian Party, www.lppa.org , and the Green Party, www.gpofpa.org , are working
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2012

      In Pennsylvania , both the Libertarian Party, www.lppa.org, and the Green Party, www.gpofpa.org, are working hard to collect enough signatures on their nomination papers to get candidates for president on the November ballot. If you are interested in providing a choice for voters, please assist either of those political parties that are working to expand ballot access in Pennsylvania .

      Chris Robinson

      Northwest Greens







      Six Presidential Candidates Submit Petitions in Illinois

      June 25th, 2012


      June 25 was the petition deadline in Illinois for independent candidates, and nominees of unqualified parties. Six presidential candidates submitted a petition: Stewart Alexander, Socialist; Virgil Goode, Constitution; Gary Johnson, Libertarian; Jill Stein, Green; Rocky Anderson, independent; and Michael W. Hawkins, whose party label is “Together Enhancing America.” Hawkins also submitted a petition for himself as an independent presidential candidate. The Libertarian petition actually carries the name of Rex Green, who is a stand-in for Gary Johnson. Illinois law permits substitution. UPDATE: the first version of this post erroneously did not include Rocky Anderson.

      The two petitions that have the largest number of signatures appear to be the Libertarian petition (approximately 48,000) and the Green petition (approximately 30,000). Any petition that is submitted is sufficient, if no one challenges. However, the legal requirement is 25,000. If a petition doesn’t have that many signatures, and is challenged, then of course that petition fails.

      Illinois has the third earliest petition deadline (when the later methods for getting on the ballot are compared). Only Vermont and North Carolina are earlier.




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