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"NW Greens offers 'challenges' to Councilwoman"

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  • Chris Robinson
    Opinion Wednesday, April 30, 2008, page 8. NW Greens offers challenges to Councilwoman To the editor: Northwest Greens would like to assist City Councilwoman
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      Wednesday, April 30, 2008, page 8.

      NW Greens offers 'challenges' to Councilwoman
      To the editor:
              Northwest Greens would like to assist City Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller, who was re-elected in November 2007. Since Northwest Greens is a non-partisan, neighborhood organization which has never endorsed a candidate for any office, we felt obliged to offer our Councilwoman some challenges for her current term.

              On Wednesday, April 23, Northwest Greens sent 9 Challenges to Mrs. Miller for her new term. Most of the groups membership lives in her 8th City Council District, which includes Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Mount Airy, and Wister.
              The 69 initial Challengers of the Councilwoman believe that her dynamic response to these 9 challenges will improve the quality of life in the 8th District.   
              Any neighbor who would like to become a Challenger of Councilwoman Miller may contact 215-843-4256 or email to nwgreens@....

              The 9 challenges for Councilwoman Miller include:

              1. Require through appropriate legislation that the Philadelphia School Reform Commission provide "opt out" forms to every high school junior and senior so those students may withhold their contact information from military recruiters.

              2. Use your position as chair of City Council's Public Safety Committee to hold hearings and to prepare legislation for a city-wide ban on handguns, like they have in Washington, D.C.

              3. Insist through appropriate legislation, that the Philadelphia Water Department clean up the Monoshone Creek, which currently transports toilet flushing into our drinking water.

              4. Require through appropriate legislation, that decisions of the Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I) and of the Zoning Board of Adjustment be available on the web.

              5. Bring single-stream recycling through RecycleBank, like they have in part of Chestnut Hill, to the entire 8th Council District.

              6. Open an office in the 8th District with full time staff.

              7. Host and attend monthly town meetings in the 8th Council District.

              8. Publish in the local press a quarterly financial audit of your City Council office and campaign finances.

              9. Insist on a performance audit of the Central Germantown Council covering the last 20 years because of CGC's poor performance and because it was chaired by a convicted felon, Stephen Vaughn.

      by Chris Robinson, Germantown

      This article also appeared in Mount Airy Times Express, Wednesday, April 30, 2008, page 8.

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