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Fwd: RE: agenda for SEPTA mtg.

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  • ~J. Ruocco~
    chrisrecon wrote:From: chrisrecon To: Belinda Davis , Raval, Meenal , Maroon, Tom , Ruocco, Jen , Lopez, Kathy Subject:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2004

      chrisrecon <chrisrecon@...> wrote:
      From: "chrisrecon"
      To: "Belinda Davis" ,
      "Raval, Meenal" ,
      "Maroon, Tom" ,
      "Ruocco, Jen" ,
      "Lopez, Kathy"
      Subject: RE: agenda for SEPTA mtg.
      Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 08:30:47 -1200


      Dear Belinda: 3/2/'4

      I like the agenda you proposed. Will you chair the meeting?

      I'm not sure that the agenda will add to the attendance. Will people who did
      not attend our first meeting know who the "constituent members" are or what
      the "collective name" refers to? What do you think?

      I am not opposed to sending it out -- although it gets later by the minute.

      Chris 215-843-4256

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      From: Belinda Davis [mailto:bedavis@...]
      Sent: Monday, March 01, 2004 2:51 AM
      To: Chris Robinson; Raval, Meenal; Maroon, Tom; Ruocco, Jen; Lopez,
      Subject: agenda for SEPTA mtg.

      Dear Steering Committee, How does the following sound as an agenda for Wed.
      evening's meeting on SEPTA? As I have gotten this to you so late, please
      let me know objections or suggestions for improvement asap! Chris, once the
      agenda is o.k.'ed, do you want to send it out, or can/should I? If I do it,
      I will just use the same list of recipients that you used for the meeting
      reminder; this would work, no? Thanks! Belinda

      AGENDA for meeting on improving SEPTA transport, March 3, 7:00, Coffee
      Junction (Allen Lane Station, Allens Lane at Cresheim)

      I. Introductions, including brief statement of accomplishments and goals
      concerning SEPTA of constitutent members (ca. 10 mins.).

      II. Reports on accomplishments since last meeting (e.g. website
      development; action concerning the R8) (ca. 5 mins.).

      III. Identification of two to three small, concrete desiderata for the
      SEPTA system (30 mins.).

      IV. Determination of methods to pursue these "campaigns" (30 mins.).

      V. Finalization of collective name, and determination of how constituent
      groups will be "publicized" as a part of this (15 mins.).

      Belinda Davis
      AY 2003-04 Fellow
      Shelby Cullom Davis Center
      Princeton University
      Associate Professor of History
      Rutgers University
      New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1108

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