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Action Alert: Senate to vote on House passed ethics reform bill

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  • b soltis
    Just One More Vote to Pass REAL Reform July 31, 2007 Almost There! This morning the House passed Strong lobbying and ethics reform 411 to 8. The bill is
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      Just One More Vote to Pass REAL Reform

      July 31, 2007
      Almost There! 
      This morning the House passed Strong lobbying and ethics reform 411 to 8. The bill is moving immediately to the Senate. Tell your senators to vote "Yes" for reform NOW.
      You did it: today the House passed the landmark lobbying and ethics reform bill in a 411 to 8 landslide. 
      The bill is wasting no time as it heads over to the Senate for their vote.  This is it - the final lap.  If we can keep up the momentum, nothing will stop it from becoming law! 
      That is why we still need you to keep the pressure up on the Senate.  We can't let them drop the ball when we are so close to victory.
      We need a clear vote for reform so that the bill can pass the Senate and be signed in to law.  Its critical provisions will be a huge leap forward for reform:   
      • Bundling Disclosure - Now we will know which lobbyists are funneling cash to both members of Congress and to presidential candidates.
      • Revolving Door - Retired elected officials will have to cool their heels for a while before lobbying their former colleagues on the Hill.
      We are here because of YOU.  You kept the pressure on with all of your emails, phone calls and faxes so far.  Tell your senators that you demand they vote "Yes" for reform.
      Take Action now - it's time to make lobbying and ethics reform into law! 
      Daniel De Bonis
      Online Organizer
      Public Citizen's Congress Watch

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