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[NW Greens] Notes on 1/20 Steering Committee

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  • ~J. Ruocco~
    Dear Belinda: 1/20/ 4 I am sorry that you were not present at our meeting last night, and I wanted to bring you up to date. I m CCing the others, just in case
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2004

      Dear Belinda: 1/20/'4

      I am sorry that you were not present at our meeting last night, and I wanted
      to bring you up to date. I'm CCing the others, just in case they have
      additions or corrections.

      January 20, 2004, Steering Committee Meeting

      1. Chris gave a brief report on membership: there are 4 new members since
      our meeting two weeks ago. We had two interesting emails, one of which was
      from a LaSalle student who wants to join. Chris rented a P.O. Box for six
      months: Northwest Greens, P.O. Box 44353, Germantown Station, PA

      2. Chris gave a brief report on the March 20 Coalition meeting, which he
      attended on Monday (1/12). Chris went to the Outreach Committee meeting
      there, and the talk was about four different flyers to target four different
      constituencies: students, women, SEPTA riders, and neighbors.

      3. We then discussed our three meetings, all of which seem to be fairly
      coherent. The only work left to be done is to contact (by phone) the
      membership of Northwest Greens, to see if they plan to attend (which??)
      meetings and to ask for their help. Let me know if you need some phone
      numbers to call.

      4. Meeting #1, "Withdraw Troops from Iraq," on 1/26 at St. Vincent's Church.
      We already have pledges of attendance from Miriam Crawford (WILPF) and Tom
      Wier (St. Vincent's Public Policy Ministry). Focus will be upon building
      support (& publicity) for this march. We must still contact: W. Mt. Airy
      Neighbors, E. Mt. Airy Neighbors, Weavers Way, Germantown Friends Meeting
      (Chris), St. Vincent's Peace Ministry (Tom & Kathy), and Chestnut Hill
      Friends Meeting (Kathy). Meeting will be chaired by Chris.

      5. Meeting #2, "End Racism in the Legal System," on 1/27 at Immaculate
      Conception Church. We already have a pledge to attend from Laurence Sigmund
      at Germantown Meeting's Prison Program. Focus of this project is still
      unclear. Kathy will contact St. Vincent's Prison Ministry with Tom's help.
      Chris has emailed Peggy Sims at Pennsylvania Abolitionists & will follow
      with a phone call. Mae Dooley will also be there. Chris will chair this
      meeting -- Unless Belinda is willing to do that.

      6. Meeting #3, "Improve SEPTA's Service," on 2/2 at Point of Destination. We
      already have a pledge of attendance from Tom Hutt, and Chris will contact
      Marc Stier at W. Mt. Airy Neighbors. Focus of this project could include
      W.Mt.Airy Neighbors postcard campaign to Gov. Rendell, or something more
      exciting. Also, Chris will try to reach some of the other members of the
      Coalition founded by Hutt/Stier last fall. Tom will chair this meeting.

      7. Discussion with Jen Ruocco about a NW Greens email newsletter. All
      present agreed that we should do this. Jen agreed to edit the newsletter
      (but not to write the contents). We discussed guidelines of the contents,
      and none of us wanted personal announcements. We thought it better to focus
      on our issues and the events we are endorsing. We could not decide upon
      frequency (every week or every-other week), and the publication schedule was
      left on an "as needed" basis to begin after the February 2nd meeting. The
      first newsletter will report to our membership about the outcome of our
      three section meetings. This newsletter will function as a Yahoo group, and
      Jen will be the moderator.

      8. Email consultation with NW Greens membership. We decided to email the
      members of NW Greens to ask their agreement and advise on the following
      issues: A) endorsement of the "March 20, 2004, Global Day of Action;" B) an
      endorsement of future "Pizza & Politics" events scheduled by the Green Party
      of Montgomery County; and C) receipt of our newsletter & ideas for contents.
      Chris will send this letter.

      Did I forget anything?

      Chris 215-843-4256

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