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Saturday's Demonstration Continues Protest of Planned Drone War Comman d Center...Blow the Whistle in Horsham.

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  • brandywine@juno.com
    Above: Sally Milbury-Steen and Beth Centz hold banner at Horsham Air Guard Station; Sign at Press Conference last March Announcing Plan to Establish Drone War
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      Above: Sally Milbury-Steen and Beth Centz hold banner at Horsham Air Guard Station; Sign at Press Conference last March Announcing Plan to Establish Drone War Command Center in Horsham, PA and Plans for more RPA [Remote Piloted Aircraft] command centers across the country.  THIS IS WHY WE MUST STAND UP!)
      Drone War Command Center Is Coming to Horsham, Pennsylvania.  UNLESS WE STOP IT!
      Saturday, July 27, 12Noon - 2p.m.

      Protest Demonstration at the Horsham Air Guard Station, site of the planned Drone War Command Center, Route #611/Easton Road & County Line Road, Horsham, Montgomery County, PA.  These monthly demonstrations will continue through September on the last Saturday of the month from 12Noon - 2p.m.  Large MQ-9 Reaper Drone Replica, banners/signs, music, reading the names and stories of the deadly drone strikes.

      International Day of Action to Free Bradley Manning who faces life imprisonment for telling the truth, exposing U.S war crimes, trying to save lives...
      Saturday, July 27
      at the Horsham Air Guard Station -
      Join with Veterans for Peace and the Bradley Manning Support Committee who will give eyewitness account and update on the court-martial trial of Bradley Manning as it nears end. More at www.bradleymanning.org  and www.refusingtokill.net
      Blow the whistle on the drone war command center in Horsham...Celebrate Whistle-blowing and Support Bradley Manning. Bring your whistle!

      Join together!
      Demonstration at Horsham Air Guard Station...
      Nonviolence discipline, directions, and more information see July 27 at EVENTS, www.brandywinepeace.com

      Demonstration at Horsham Air Guard Station, May 2013, Photo: Melissa K. Elliot

      Pull the plug on drone warfare! 

      Stop the Drone War Command Center at the PA Air Guard Station in Horsham!
      Call Pennsylvania Governor and
      head of the PA Air National Guard
      Thomas Corbett, (215) 560-2640,
      Also...hold these Senators/Congresspeople to account!
      - Call your senators: Sen. Bob Casey, (215) 405-9660; Sen. Pat Toomey, (215) 241-1090
      - Call your Congressperson (Rep. Alison Schwartz, D, #13th, 215-335-3355; Rep. Patrick Meehan, R, #7th, 610-690-7323; Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick, R, #8th, 215-579-8102; Rep. Bob Brady, D, #1st, member of Congressional Drone Caucus, 215-389-4627; Rep. Chaka Fattah, D, 2nd, 215-871-4455.
      More on Drone warfare and spying, www.knowdrones.com
      STOP it BEFORE it STARTS...Drone War Command Center, Horsham, Montgomery County, PA
      Drone strikes ‘piloted’ from the continental U.S. against targets in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia have killed thousands of civilians, many of them children. President Obama speaks of ending the decade-long “war on terror.” In fact, the war continues, as do the near-daily drone strikes.
      And now, just outside of Philadelphia, the U.S. Air Force and the PA Air National Guard are planning to have up and running by October 1 a drone war command center at the PA Air Guard’s Horsham Station (formerly the Willow Grove Naval Air Station). From Horsham, computer piloted MQ-9 Reaper drones — remote-controlled UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) — would launch through satellites in space deadly Hellfire missiles against human beings thousands of miles away.
      Remote-controlled killing—delivering death and planting the seeds of hate and terror—will return to haunt us in unimaginable ways. That’s what the drone war command center planned for the Horsham Air Guard station would do! Unless we stop it!
      The campaign to stop the planned drone war command center, Stop It BEFORE It Starts, was initiated by the Brandywine Peace Community and the American Friends Service Committee, with participating endorsement of a growing list of groups and activists: Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition, BuxMont Coalition for Peace Action, Catholic Peace Fellowship, Coalition for Peace Action, Death Walk Against Drones, LEPOCO (Lehigh-Pocono Committee of Concern), Main Line Peace Action, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Granny Peace Brigade—Philadelphia, Green Party of Philadelphia, Greens of Montgomery and Bucks County, Philly Against War; Peace Center of Delaware County, Philadelphia Catholic Worker, Shalom House/Circle of Hope, Veterans for Peace, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF), Phila
      Brandywine Peace Community, P.O. Box 81, Swarthmore, PA 19081
      (610) 544-1818   Events/www.brandywinepeace.com

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