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10629Join the Upwising with Swami Beyonananda

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  • chris robinson
    Mar 28, 2014
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      Subject: Join the Upwising with Swami Beyonananda
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      Dear Northwest Greens Member,

      Are you the type of person who dreams of changing the world, but wants to have more fun doing it?

      We've got just the event for you next week.

      The time has come to rise up... and wise up and be the agent of change you know you are here to be! There is a planetary "up-wising" underway... and it can be a lot more enjoyable and effective than any uprisings of the past.

      Join Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 (April Fools' Day!) for a free virtual event called "Join the Upwising and Enlighten Up: A Virtual Rally for Revolutionaries to Make Changing Our World More Fun!"

      Learn more and save your FREE seat here: http://upwisingevent.com/Upwising

      This purpose of our "upwising" rally is to take humor more seriously - and seriousness more humorously. Because when we can do that, we can really make a shift in every aspect of our lives. It's all about waking up and wising up to our evolutionary potential, then wising to the occasion by living that new reality now!

      During the 60-minute event, you'll laugh a lot, and learn how to:
      • Transform stressful situations by "finding the joke hidden in this picture."
      • Practice the art of joke-jitsu to turn the tables on your own ego.
      • Use the magic of heart-opening humor to blow past rigid thinking.
      • How and when to commit random acts of comedy that enlighten up the space.
      And as you humor-ize your life, you free yourself and our world!

      The up-wising begins on April Fools Day!

      It's time to make changing our world a whole lot more humorous, so join our rally with no opposition to anything - except what is dragging us all down.

      Sign up here: http://upwisingevent.com/Upwising
      Stephen headshot Dec12 88x112.jpg In spirit,
      Stephen Dinan

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