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  • Today near the Crescent City Harbor, the 2 Tropical Kingbirds are still between the Battery Point Lighthouse parking lot and the water treatment plant in the line of willows along the little cliff. Several times they gave chase to each other with both birds calling. Also there was one Black-throated Gray Warbler in the willows, and 24 Elegant Terns over in Crescent City Harbor...
    Alan Barron Nov 6
  • Today there were 2 Tropical Kingbirds in the area of the Battery Point Lighthouse parking lot adjacent to Crescent City Harbor. And Brown Pelican and Heermann's Gull numbers have thinned out substantially in the harbor, but 210 Elegant Terns are still present. Alan D. Barron
    Alan Barron Nov 1
  • Wednesday's male Common Grackle has returned to a private feeder just north of Crescent City after yesterday's no show. Please give me a call for their phone number and directions if you wish to search for the bird as the owner wants birders to call before showing up. 707-954-7668 Alan D. Barron
    Alan Barron Oct 16
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  • This afternoon I had 60 ELEGANT TERNS at the Crescent City Harbor, and an hour before sunset I saw 10 BLACK-VENTED SHEARWATERS from the cliffs at the end of Enderts Beach Road in Redwood Nat'l Park just south of Crescent City. Alan D. Barron
    Alan Barron Oct 12
  • Today Chet Ogen and Gary Maschmeyer both saw the imm. Emperor Goose with the 2 imm. Gr. White-fronted Geese on a gravel bar in the Smith River off the end of Pala Road. I had a male Tricolored Blackbird at Alexandre Dairy, and a W. Scrub-Jay at the Tryon Ranch on the west end of Malone Road. Alan D. Barron
    Alan Barron Oct 8
  • Rob Fowler, John Sterling, Curtis Marantz, Jim Lomax, Paul Senyszen, Alan Barron, and 3 other birders (2 from North Carolina) were out birding at various times and groupings today: EMPEROR GOOSE - present for the 4th day and seen by all, is still in a pasture along Pala Road, was on a gravel bar in the Smith River with it's constant companions 2 imm. Gr. White-fronted Geese earlier...
    Alan Barron Oct 7
  • This afternoon among a restless flock of about 170 Elegant Terns wheeling about the harbor, up to 7 different jaegers entered the harbor and ran some exciting chases after singled out terns. Several times over an hour 3 Parasitics and a Pomarine would gang up on one tern. And twice 3 Parasitics (1ad., 2 imm.), a Pomarine (ad.) and 1 Long-tailed (ad.) hammered a lone Elegant...
    Alan Barron Sep 28
  • Yesterday I found a very fresh road-kill immature Green-tailed Towhee along Enderts Beach Road in Redwood Nat'l Park just south of Crescent City. In the 35 years I have lived here this is only the second coastal Green-t. I have ever seen in the county and I see no other Fall coastal migrants in the record books. Alan D. Barron
    Alan Barron Sep 26
  • I meant to say on yesterday, 13 Sept., instead of the 14th for this bird note posting. -ADB
    Alan Barron Sep 14
  • Yesterday (14 Sept.) I had a MOUNTAIN CHICKADEE in a large flock of BLACK-CAPPED and CHESTNUT-BACKED CHICKADEES in the Pacific Shores Subdivision area near Lake Earl, rather early for the lowlands and perhaps a fire refugee. This would be our second earliest lowland Fall record, our only earlier date was 23 Aug. 1980, all others are after 15 October. At the the Alexandre Dairy near...
    Alan Barron Sep 14