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5455HumCo 6/3/14 NESTING White-throated Swifts in Bridgeville

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  • Tom Leskiw
    Jun 3, 2014
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      In 1997, the old “deck arch concrete” bridge in Bridgeville (built in 1925) was superseded by the construction of a concrete bridge of the sort that White-throated Swifts favor for nesting in Humboldt. The old bridge is still standing and avail for pedestrian use. Today June 3, Sue and I observed 3 WHITE-THROATED SWIFTS soaring near the new bridge at 12:25. Several minutes later, one bird entered a hole and exited about a minute later. The hole was one of several on the underside of the bridge that surround the westernmost pier of the bridge.
      Later in the day we briefly checked bridges at Milepost 13.37-13.48 (it’s a long bridge) and 12.87 and had NO White-throated Swifts (I have had them entering holes/presumably nesting at 13.37-13.48 previously. Today there was a lot of Rough-winged Swallow activity at 13.37, entering holes on the underside of the bridge and 8-10 soaring Vaux’s Swifts).
      On the way home we stopped at the Graybrook Wetlands on Johnson Road in Hydesville, where we were treated to a Virgina Rail feeding 2 chicks.
      Tom Leskiw
      Eureka, CA