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Laura Cortese May 30 Fremont Abbey

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  • monkeygod6
    LAURA CORTESE featuring Eli West with Fish & Bird Thursday, May 30 Fremont Abbey Arts Center 4272 Fremont Ave N, Seattle WA Show at 8pm, Tickets $8 adv/$10
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      featuring Eli West with Fish & Bird
      Thursday, May 30

      Fremont Abbey Arts Center
      4272 Fremont Ave N, Seattle WA
      Show at 8pm, Tickets $8 adv/$10 door

      Laura came from the Scottish fiddle tradition, but has branched out in really interesting new ways. Including some really cool old-time and bluegrass fiddle ideas. Check out her raged-out cover of Greasy Coat.

      Laura Cortese - Greasy Coat

      And I'm utterly and totally in love with Heel to Toe, a new song from an East Coast songwriter but it sounds like it would fit so well into the bluegrass canon.

      Laura Cortese - Heel to Toe

      Have A Listen:

      We could learn a lot from how Boston fiddler and songwriter Laura Cortese (cor-TAY-zee) approaches her music. On her new album, Into the Dark, she's taken the humblest sounds and ideas from American roots music and blown them up into a gloriously ambitious musical project.  She does everything large here, flying in friends from afar, arranging wickedly complex, border-line-classical string movements, singing with a power bordering on triumphant, writing powerful original songs, fiddling like a woman possessed, and drawing back into her creative muse to pull forth entrancingly beautiful ballads. Into the Dark 
is a look at the kind of focus 
Laura Cortese brings to her
 music. She's not content to rest
on her laurels as one of the
best young traditional fiddlers (originally inspired by the Scottish fiddling of Alasdair Fraser), or as a lion of Boston's creatively-electric roots music scene. She plays every song on this album (and every show) with an enthusiasm as fresh as her inventive fiddle lines and vocal interpretations. Behind the boldness and passion, Laura's music shows at its root a deep confidence in the power of music played without artifice of any kind.

       Eli West is a Seattle-based multi-instrumentalist and interactive graphic designer. With an interest in angular phrasing and non-tradional improvisation within the historic precedents of bluegrass and old time music, his guitar playing has been called both strange and strong in the same breath.  He has released two records as half of the new/old-time duo Cahalen Morrison & Eli West, which tours regularly throughout the US and Europe, and enjoys the collaborative process with other musician greats.

      Fish & Bird's latest album, Every Whisper is a Shout Across the Void, marks a major step forward for the young band. The project began in Victoria, BC in 2006 as an acoustic duo, comprised of Taylor Ashton (banjo, guitar, vocals) and Adam Iredale-Gray (fiddle). They have weird vocal improv sections, they rock out in 11/8, sometimes it seems like they're playing bluegrass, and they might make you cry. Every Whisper is a Shout Across the Void features the full ensemble and some of their strongest material yet. The arrangements are cleaner, the playing is stronger, and Ashton's singing is at its best. Every Whisper explores the relationship between reality and perception, the fragility of human interactions, and the fictions we all weave about our own worlds whether we acknowledge them or not.

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