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Re: Direct Buzz Magazine - Question and Translation!

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  • kritter145
    Joe asked. . . . ... I actually had to ask what it meant Joe. . . . 8-) Kathy B Tualatin, OR We had so many people who couldn t quite figure out the whole
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 7, 2013
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      Joe asked. . . .

      > Great review, Kathy! How does it feel to be the "hottest little chanteuse in bluegrass"?

      I actually had to ask what it meant Joe. . . . 8-)

      Kathy B
      Tualatin, OR

      We had so many people who couldn't quite figure out the whole ezine thing and requested that I just transpose the darn thing for them that I sat down and did it this morning. Here's the review Joe is referring to. . . .

      Killer Tracks
      The Daily Buzz – March 2013
      © 2013 by AirPlay Direct, LLC. All Rights Reserved

      Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising – Lowground. One of the Pacific Northwest's hardest working band's, Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising is a bluegrass/old-timey quartet that features four vocalists, three multi-instrumentalists, award-winning songwriting, and the hottest bass-playing chanteuse in bluegrass, Kathy Boyd.

      On their latest album, Lowground, the band continues to do what it does best, making heartfelt music that hearkens to another time and place.

      The albums opener, "Billy in the Lowground", features a vocal treatment of what is normally an old-timey fiddle tune, with some hot mandolin. The song "Dust Bowl Days" evokes Willie and Waylon's "Good-Hearted Woman".

      The group doesn't shy away from darker minor-key progressions on songs like "Deathgrip" and "Shaniko".

      And it's a crime that the albums closer, "To The Begging", hasn't received attention on a worldwide level. A song that addresses modern day homelessness against an arrangement lifted from 1930's Appalachia, "To The Begging" is as striking a social commentary as anything Springsteen ever thought of.

      This band might not have stellar players and recognizable voices, but Lowground is a good album by a tight outfit. ~ Rick Moore
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