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Greensprings Mountain Festival, 9/8/2012, 8:00 am

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    Reminder from: nwbluegrass Yahoo! Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nwbluegrass/cal Greensprings Mountain Festival Saturday September 8, 2012 8:00 am - 8:00
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      Reminder from: nwbluegrass Yahoo! Group
      Title: Greensprings Mountain Festival
      Date: Saturday September 8, 2012
      Time: 8:00 am - 8:00 am
      Location: Ashland, OR
      Notes: Greensprings Mountain Festival

      Ashland, OR


      A Full Day of Runs, Rides, Walks, Workshops, Food, Fun and Music on the Greensprings.

      Imagine a great day in the mountains. You are on a wildflower walk, while a few miles away, your friends are mountain biking on an awesome mountain track, or running on a spectacular trail, or partaking in a sailing or kayaking demonstration on a nearby lake. Revel to the sounds of 15 local bands on 3 outdoor stages and feasting on a variety of delectable food.

      Rogue Suspects - The right ingredients for good jazz used to include smoke-filled rooms, sultry torch singers and somewhat dapper piano players.

      Siskiyou Summit - Siskiyou Summit brings together some of the hottest bluegrass musicians in the northwest to form one of the most versatile and entertaining power-house bands in the region--10 years together, 2 albums, countless stage performances and still pickin!

      Deux Cote

      Eight Dollar Mountain - Rising from the Cascade-Siskiyou Mountain range of Southern Oregon comes Eight Dollar Mountain, an exciting, high-energy bluegrass quintet.

      Jef Fretwell & The Detractors - The Georgia native boasts a sound that draws from traditional folk and American roots music. Its not quite bluegrass or blues or standard country. They like to call it West Coast Country.

      Jive Coulis - Jive Coulis was brought to life in the land of Colorado. The band has just completed their 2nd album, due to be released in late June 2012.

      LEFT - Billboard Magazine writes about Bret's songs: "There's a Bowie-esque aura to the vocals here, with enough twists and turns in direction between pace and melody to keep listeners attentive. This has a real throwback appeal, which could work its magic with modern and mainstream rock listeners who depend on the occasional dose of history with their current diet."

      Phoenix Sigalove

      Robbie DaCosta - Robbie Dacosta is the consummate entertainer, with a repertoire that spans generations and the styles of many artists. This 36-year-old singer has a library of music in his head and a powerful amount of charisma on the microphone.

      Sage Meadows & High Country - Sage Meadows musicianship and passion are evident as she sings songs about nature, times past and the human condition.

      TCB - Teri Cote Band

      The Waltz

      In addition, many additional singer songwriters and acoustic groups will be performing.

      What you are imagining is the Greensprings Mountain Festival, coming on September 8, 2012 and brought to you by the Greensprings Fire and Rescue and Greensprings community in collaboration with the Box R Ranch, Buckhorn Springs, Green Springs Inn & Cabins, Howard Prairie Lake Resort, BLM Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, Hyatt Lake Resort, The Oregon Extension and the Pinehurst Inn.

      Greensprings Mountain Festival is a fundraiser of epic proportion to help provide essential support to the Greensprings Rural Fire District  a non-tax, all volunteer district providing first responder medical and fire services on the Greensprings. In addition event proceeds will benefit both the Pinehurst School and Greensprings Community Food Pantry.

      This first of its kind, day-long event will include a mountain bike ride, trail run, botany walk, outdoor painting class, bird walk for beginners, cruiser bike poker ride, running workshop, kayaking, sailing & bike polo demonstrations and more followed by a full complement of great local music. Experts, including representatives from Rogue Valley Runners, kayak instructors, a botanist, and local artists will be on hand to lead walks and give workshops and demonstrations. Designed as a sampler, showcasing the out-of-doors possibilities available in our area, the Greensprings Mountain Festival will quickly be seen for what it is  A great day in the mountains!
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