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Re: [nwbluegrass] Explain this, please

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  • Dave Campbell
    Thank you Bill! -Dave ... From: The Martins ... flotsam
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 28, 2002
      Thank you Bill!


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      From: "The Martins" <martini@...>

      > Take heart, O Ye of Little Faith! Along with the mooing masses will be the
      > wierd few who find they like fiddles and banjos and goofy music. When the
      > tidal wave washes back out to sea we'll be left with the interesting
      > who are intrigued by the music and the social scene around it. An earlier
      > tidal wave, The Great Folk Scare of the '50s - '60s, left devoted fans
      > behind when folk faded. Those beatniks continued to delve into acoustic
      > country blues, oldtime fiddling and bluegrass to give us the rich roots
      > music scene we are blessed with today.
      > Bill Martin
    • drphone_2000
      ... money for ... only look ... very rich so ... fade ... Another item to stress too would be the fact that promoters and club owners of BG don t really pay
      Message 2 of 6 , Mar 5, 2002
        --- In nwbluegrass@y..., Pullman <pullman@p...> wrote:
        > Yes its simple - they are only interested in artists that make
        money for
        > the record industry. You love the music for its face value - they
        only look
        > at it for dollars. Bluegrass has never made a record company
        very rich so
        > its always on the back burner. Unfortunately this is all likely to
        > from the masses as quickly as it built.
        > Good Point Pullman!!!
        Another item to stress too would be the fact that promoters and
        club owners of BG don't really pay either- for they know that
        "Grassers" will play for little, but there has been some people
        who have made some decent money in the biz by realizing the
        trend and making the most out of it, like Mac Wiseman, who
        made more than any body in the biz except the Osborn's back in
        the late 70"s and early eighty's, he would always book himself as
        a single name and then hire players to back him-like my ole'
        bass player for 50-75 bucks a show when he would make over a
        And then take the "Scene" who played at the Birchmere every
        Thursday for quite a few years for 2K while other regional acts
        were traveling all over the place to net a heck of a lot less.

        One can still go to Tiffany's Tavern in old Town Alexandria Va.
        and the owner isn't paying any more than he did 20 years ago,
        which is around 50 bucks a man He always has a packed house
        too by the way!!!
        And some of the full time guys who have recorded demos and
        their own Cd productions and wrote songs for National Acts
        still play there.!!! (Thats True Love!!!)
        Its a sad thing back there for there's only a few clubs that
        actually have BG has a regular venue when it used to be all over
        the place. One has to really spend a lot of time in marketing their
        act and get their exposure gigs all set and their T-Shirts and
        Hats etc. Then you make calls all day ,then at the end of the year
        your're lucky if you made 40K total. I found out last week that 2
        top national acts I really like didn't even make 50K and this is
        after over 15 years in the biz and they have won awards and had
        hit singles
        quite frequently. The bottom line is that BG acts do it for love,and
        thats the only way for the soul!!!


        > At 12:54 PM 2/28/2002, you wrote:
        > >I looked on the Yahoo home page to see what kind of
        coverage the Grammy
        > >Awards
        > >were getting. I clicked on what I thought was an article about
        > >Brother, and
        > >it gave me a list of CD's I would like if I liked the O' Brother
        > >
        > >The list starts with Simon and Garfunkel and goes on to
        Moby, Patsy Kline,
        > >John
        > >and the Dixie Chicks and continues through Limp Bizkit, The
        Grateful Dead and
        > >Nirvana.
        > >
        > >Oh yeah, they included Alison Krauss.
        > >
        > >So much for the idea that everybody who loved O' Brother was
        going to start
        > >exploring old time, bluegrass and modern acoustic music . .
        > >
        > >Any explanations into the mind of whoever wrote this list?
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
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