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  • Kathy Boyd
    Happy Sunday! Just wanted to let you know how our annual Halloween gig went last night. (Suffice it to say I got to bed at 3:00 a.m. . . . . . and that s
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2000
      Happy Sunday! Just wanted to let you know how our annual Halloween gig went
      last night. (Suffice it to say I got to bed at 3:00 a.m. . . . . . and
      that's AFTER resetting the clocks!)

      Our fiddle player LOVES Halloween, so by the time anyone else showed up at
      the venue she had decorated the entire room! It looked great. The Stayton
      Performing Arts Center is this lovely intimate venue with incredible
      acoustics. An absolute joy to perform in.

      Judy (our fiddle player) had purchased us all those Brooks and Dunn flame
      shirts you see in all the western catalogs. With black jeans or skirts,
      they actually looked pretty good on stage. Our first set showcased stuff
      off of our latest CD, with a few fun things thrown in like a real auction
      when we performed The Auctioneer. Great crowd.

      During the break between sets the "band spouses" hosted a costume contest.
      Judy had purchased so many prizes that EVERYONE who participated received
      one (many happy children). The fun part of this was being backstage and
      hearing the band spouses try to come up with categories so everyone could
      win! (I remember hearing "shortest executioner" and "tiniest costume" among

      Ah. . . . . the second set! We all came out in costume. I was the "Devil
      With The Blue Dress On". We opened with a BG version of "The Monster Mash"
      and degraded quickly from there! The last half of the set was dedicated to
      "Devil" songs. We played "Friend of the Devil", "Devil's Dream", "Old
      Devil's Dream", "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" (hilarious because the lead
      singer had his brain on "quick scan" or something and got the words so mixed
      up that the audience was ROARING. . . . as we played into the next verse he
      just started over), and for the finale. . . . . .

      Our banjo player (Tom) pulled out his pedal steel (a hideous instrument) and
      my husbandlikeperson (Mark) joined us on stage with his Saxophone for a
      rousing rendition of (you guessed it) "Devil With the Blue Dress On". At
      one point Tom traded in his pedal steel for his own sax and he and Mark led
      a conga-line through the audience! It was absolutely wild. The audience
      was laughing, singing, and doing some extremely bizarre dancing. ( I WON'T
      be posting this story to Brgass-L, they'd execute me!)

      The greatest compliment of the evening was when Kim Jones (of Roundhouse)
      approached me and stated that she had laughed so hard during our show that
      her cheeks hurt!

      Wish you all could have been there!

      Today? Being a bum. Think I'll play some marbles. . . . . (do you all
      have the "marbles link"? I'd be happy to corrupt anyone interested. . . .
      It IS an addiction though!)


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