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Crazy Zoo Review

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  • Kathy Boyd
    Joe Ross and friends Crazy Zoo: an Animal Songfest (Zephyr-0428) Playing time: 58:32 Review by Kathy Boyd, Ground Zero Promotions The very first thing you
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      Joe Ross and friends
      Crazy Zoo: an Animal Songfest
      Playing time: 58:32
      Review by Kathy Boyd, Ground Zero Promotions

      The very first thing you notice about Joe Ross and friends newest release
      �The Crazy Zoo: an Animal Songfest� is the extremely professional and
      attention grabbing packaging of this product. Vibrantly colored with neon
      graphics and zany artwork, you�ll want to pick this CD up off the shelf just
      to see what it�s all about! Inside the CD booklet you�ll find all sorts of
      useful information about each and every song recorded, including the author,
      the arranger, the players, the singers, length of each song, and the lyrics.
      Take the CD out of the jewel case and you�ll discover an entire zoo of
      out-of-this-world creatures drawn in glorious detail and described in Joe�s
      original title tune, �The Crazy Zoo�.

      The fun continues when you place �The Crazy Zoo� in your CD player and turn
      it on. Feeling that this was a family album, I listened to it the first
      time in the company of a family with members of all ages. Within mere
      seconds we were all snapping our fingers to �The Cat Came Back� and doing a
      sort of jazz improve dance around the kitchen. The title track �The Crazy
      Zoo� was quite interesting and great fun, especially when we followed along
      with the pictures I�ve already mentioned. The younger set sang along quite
      enthusiastically to �Six Little Ducks�, followed by every adult in the house
      bellowing along to �The Unicorn�! And so on throughout the CD. �Crazy Zoo�
      is full of songs from everyone�s childhood, past and present. Children will
      delight in recognizing tunes such as �Goober Peas� and �Baby Beluga� and
      being able to sing along. Adults will thrill to the trip down memory lane
      with songs such as �The Unicorn�, �Puff the Magic Dragon�, and �Joy
      to the World�. This CD truly is �for families from 3 to 93�!

      Musically very clean, every word of every song is clearly understandable on
      �Crazy Zoo�. Chock full of some of the most talented �guest artists� in
      the business, they�ve all kept their additions to the mix simple and again,
      very clean. Along with Joe Ross on guitar, upright bass, and synthesizer,
      you�ll hear Bryan Bowers on autoharp and mandocello, Bob Evoniuk on
      resonator guitar, Dan Mazer on banjo, Peter Ostroushko on mandolin, Linda
      Danielson on fiddle, Dean Magraw on guitar, Janet Naylor on Celtic harp, and
      Radim Zenkl on mandolin,
      bouzouki, and the low whistle.

      Perhaps because of the nature of the songs on this recording, it does not
      seem to fall into any one musical genre. It�s a little folk, a little
      bluegrass, a little old schoolhouse, and a lot of fun. Perfect as a
      substitute for Saturday morning cartoons, on a long car trip, in the
      classroom, or as a family bonding experience, you cannot help but
      enjoy yourself while in the presence of Joe Ross and friends and their
      �Crazy Zoo, an Animal Songfest�.

      Some proceeds from �The Crazy Zoo: an Animal Songfest� will assist The
      Humane Society of the United States. The album (Zephyr-0428) is available
      as a compact disc or cassette tape and has received worldwide
      distribution by Valley Media. If is also available through many Internet
      sites (at amazon.com, through Derek Silver at cdbaby.com, and at
      oregonmusic.net to name a few), at many Oregon retail outlets, or by
      contacting Joe Ross, c/o Zephyr Records, P.O. Box 5094, Roseburg, Oregon
      97470. Telephone (541) 673-9759 or e-mail rossjoe@....
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