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WELCOME new list members !

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  • Joe Ross
    Happy New Year to all ... and WELCOME to our new Nwbluegrass list members who have signed up in the past week or so. We haven t caught most of your real names,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2006
      Happy New Year to all ... and WELCOME to our new Nwbluegrass list
      members who have signed up in the past week or so. We haven't caught
      most of your real names, locations and just what all your interests
      in bluegrass music might be. So I really hope you'll all post a
      little intro and say "HI" to everyone on Nwbluegrass soon! Welcome to:

      Lora Booher is with the The Boohers, a nationally touring and full-
      time family bluegrass band. They're seeking info on great BG venues
      in the NW. When are you planning to come out our way? Contact me off-
      list and I'll send you a list of 50 potential bluegrass venues and
      promoters. The Boohers are based in Johnson City, TN. Check out their
      website at http://www.TheBooherFamily.com (I'll set up a NWBG link
      right to it.) WELCOME LORA!

      cmlohkamp enjoys Bluegrass music. His/her son is now learning how to
      play the fiddle, so he/she wants to keep up on the local scene. How's
      your son going about learning to fiddle? WELCOME CMLOHKAMP!

      Gary Compton is in Idaho. He's a devoted listener of Sirius Bluegrass
      Radio and has seen recent performances by Alison Krauss, Rhonda
      Vincent, and the Cherryholmes. What did ya think of them? WELCOME

      M. P. Knittel has always been a bluegrass fan and recently started
      learning to play the 5-string banjo. WELCOME M.P.!

      Zman has been playing guitar for 30 years and just recently picked up
      the mandolin. He loves the truth and real music of bluegrass, and he
      would like to informed of NW bluegrass events and jams. WELCOME ZMAN!

      Erik Blevins comes from Harlan, Kentucky with a rich musical
      background and is always looking for new ways to find other people
      who enjoy bluegrass music the same as he does. WELCOME ERIK!

      Mountain Jubilee is looking for talent for Bluegrass & Gospel Shows
      in Victoria and would like to inform members of upcoming shows... See
      http://www.bluegrassgospel.ca (I'll set up a NWBG link to this also).
      Please let us know what you've got coming up there. WELCOME MOUNTAIN

      Thelreed wants to stay informed of the bluegrass happenings in the
      area. Thelreed is involved in the Oregon State Bluegrass Festival,
      new this year. WELCOME THELREED!


      Mandodoq lives in the NW and plays bluegrass frequently. He plays
      mandolin and fiddle and would enjoy talking to others in this group.

      Welcome to all.....Had a nice time in Texas during the holidays and
      even got to try "turduckin" for Christmas dinner. I always try to
      find at least one BBQ joint that serves calf fries while there, but
      they didn't know what I was talking about at Dickey's. I'm looking
      forward to seeing everyone in Portland next Saturday and Sunday.
    • pdidmh1
      How was the turduckin ? Dave
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 2, 2006
        How was the turduckin ?

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