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  • Joe Ross
    Hi, I saw this thread on another list and wondered about exactly what is going on with the concert scene at Horning s Hideout in North Plains, OR. Sounds like
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2005
      I saw this thread on another list and wondered about exactly what is
      going on with the concert scene at Horning's Hideout in North Plains,
      OR. Sounds like Bob Horning is in need of support expressed to the
      Washington County Commissioners, as well as financial donations.
      Thanks for further explanation of the issue/s at hand and what their
      Measure 37 claim is all about.
      Pique on.

      --- In JamGrass@yahoogroups.com, damian miller <millerdamian@y...>
      Hi fellow Jamgrassers. Horning's Hideout is a great place, and the
      site of Yonder's annual Northwest String Summit.
      Please read Bob's message below and help if you can. Also, check out
      the upcoming events at Horning's if you like kickass live music in a
      paradisical location. Thanks! -- Damian in Seattle


      Dear Friends, as many of you know, we are having some difficulties in
      continuing to have concerts here. Things are moving forward well,
      with lots of people, including the local government, working hard to
      help us find a solution. Many of you who attended the Northwest
      String Summit and others have asked what you could do to help. I ask
      of you two things:

      Contact Washington County Commissioner Andy Duyck at cao@c... or
      503-846-8681 and ask him to support our Measure 37 claim.

      The second thing I ask was suggested to me by some of those at The
      String Summit. I was being honest with them, telling them that the
      fees for the government and attorneys were going to be extreamly
      high, when they suggested that I set up an account to which people
      could donate money to help pay for all the fees. At first I was
      reluctant to ask for help, but then they told me how much they loved
      the place and wanted to do what they could and how they would be
      happy to help out to keep it all going. So if you would like to join
      them in helping helping with fees to keep the place open for all of
      you, it would greatly be appreciated. Below is a PayPal link that
      will allow you donate any amount that you can to help Horning's

      Click here to help Horning's Hideout
      Thank you,

      Bob Horning
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