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Niall Toner Band -- Review

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  • Anna Snook
    Niall Toner Band: There s a Better Way Don t let the fact that they re from Ireland fool you; these guys are straight up bluegrass. These guys are: Niall
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2004
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      Niall Toner Band: 'There's a Better Way'

      Don't let the fact that they're from Ireland fool you; these guys are
      straight up bluegrass.

      "These guys" are: Niall Toner on lead vocals, mandolin, lead and rhythm
      guitar; Bill Whelan, Richard Hawkins, and Martin Styles on 5-string and
      claw-hammer banjos; Colm McCauhey on fiddle; Clem O'Brian on vocal
      harmonies, lead/rhythm guitar, mandolin; and Dick Gladney on doghouse bass.

      Their title track, 'There's a Better Way' is a song assuring you that there
      is a better way to live than vengeance. "Forgiveness is the word I think I
      heard him say" is a line from the chorus.

      The next song is a completely different mood. It is an original, but a
      traditionally-styled bluegrass tune called 'Ocean of Teardrops', inspired by
      Don Gibson's 'Sea of Heartbreak'.

      The next cuts are "Chainsaw Country Blues', 'The Cheatin' Side of Town', and
      'Tears Along the Track', which include some claw-hammer banjo, Bill Monroe
      style mando picking, and a bit of slide guitar.

      Though most of the tracks are vocal, like 'My Baby's Gone and
      Said Goodbye', there is an instrumental medley of 'Drunken Daisy' and 'You
      Gotta Have a Banjo In the Band'. In the liner notes, Niall comments that the
      instrumentals were composed as fiddle tunes for guitar, such as Norman Blake
      or Tony Rice would do.

      As you may have guessed, my "straight-up bluegrass" statement
      can't be proven without mention of Bill Monroe. What can prove more than a
      tribute to Bill with 'The Master's Resting Place', a nostalgic song about
      Bill Monroe's life; and a ballad by the name of 'Bill Monroe's Mandolin'?

      The last few cuts The Straight and Narrow ', 'I Would Die' and
      'Sweet Memories of You' are typical love songs in the bluegrass style.

      In all, I would recommend this CD to bluegrassers who appreciate
      straight, traditional bluegrass!


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