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Re: [nwbluegrass] Writing even WORSE songs

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  • eddard
    Seems okay to me, Mark. I would want people to fuss over me if I broke my foot, and then my knee, down there where it s dark as a dungeon; and anybody that ll
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2003
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      Seems okay to me, Mark. I would want people to fuss over me if I broke my foot, and then my knee, down there where it's dark as a dungeon; and anybody that'll mine coal for $2.95 a day seems like a real grassroots hero to me. You need to find a sympathetic publisher. Did you check "Songwriter's Market?"

      Maybe it's rigged? As in, where are the warehouses, what did they buy last time, and who's takin' payola and actually spinning the demos over the air?

      I'm not sure I get it either, but I, too, claim the ability to write miserably bad lyrics. I particularly strive for psychotic content, unpredictable rhyme schemes, and broken, practically undeliverable meter that tonguels your tang when you try to deliver it against even 4's and relies on tag lines, extra beats, or bleeding recitation to make up whatever difference you come out with:

      It's a warm, squishy feeling, like steppin' on a cow pie,
      To hear you say you love me when I know it's a lie,
      'Cause I saw you with Clem and them at the parking lot before the Prom,
      And it made me so mad I wanted to plant a bomb,
      To send you up into the sky.
      You made me so mad, can you even explain why?
      Why, Doreen, did God make you so mean?
      When all is said and done, you will see I was the one;
      But it will be too late, 'cause my love has turned to hate,
      And you can't ride in my brand new road machine.
      Even if you were the prom queen.

      copyright 2003 by ed hargadine, all rights reserved; line forms at the right.
      (Darn it; another worthless copyright. I've complained about those before.)

      Mysterious, the ways of the hit makers.

      But seriously, with respect to "worst" songs; sometimes when they rub us the wrong way, it's because we do not share the cutural assumptions of the writer, or sometimes of the performer's particular interpretation. I know that most of Freddy Fender's records sound pretty overwrought and downright bleeding to me, but he has his fans. I can sing every word of "El Paso" from memory, but even when I was 17 and first learned it, I thought the protagonist and first person character of that song was a dope to go back and get shot. It would have been a lot safer and potentially more gratifying to secretly send for Felina, and either succeed in eloping to Buffalo with her, or get his heart broken when she refused to come to him, move to Nashville, and write songs about the tears in his ears. At least he could have consoled himself with groupies, bye and bye. But that "love is only true if you die for it" ethic sells like water in Death Valley.

      Over and over again, it's what WE have to say, versus what THEY will buy. It's incredible luck when there's congruity between those two forces. May the force be with you.

      For some reason, all of this makes me think about Hasil Adkins all over again. For those of you not familiar with him, he's a guy who does a one-man band and makes these really rough rockabilly records (I think at home on a tape recorder) that border on wierd, but still have made him pretty famous. You can look him up on the internet, and it's pretty entertaining. He's definitely not commercial, in the conventional sense of the term.

      Be all that as it may, I'm currently working on the ability to bring three of Lester Flatt's songs to the jams I participate in.


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      From: Mark Gensman
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      eddard, funny you should mention that. I have a couple of "country" songs
      that I have written and for the life of me, I don't understand why they
      haven't become hits. I decided to write a crossover hit for the bluegrass
      lovers and for some reason that song hasn't taken off either..I just don't
      get it.

      How's this for lyrics?

      Broke my foot the other day while workin in the mine.
      You came by to see me suffer, wouldn't even cook me supper
      Now I know that you are not too kind

      Broke my knee the other day while diggin in the mine
      You called up and called me gimp, said I was gonna walk with a limp
      now I know that you are not too kind

      Oh, yes I am a miner, been one all my life. Work all day for 2.95, barely
      enough to keep me alive, comin home with coal dust in my eyes.

      What do you think? A hit? Get my agent on the phone..

      Mark Gensman
      Ground Zero Sound

      >Makes me wonder if some of the aspiring songwriters in our midst could hit
      >the big time in Nashville by deliberately writing worse ones? Or maybe
      >we're way too late because that's what they've discovered ... murder on
      >Music Row as the road to profits?
      >What I do know is I haven't tuned in KWJJ or KUPL for a really long time,
      >else I'd probably have had many more nominations.
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