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  • Mark Gensman
    Dec 2, 2006
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      I understand. However, as one who could be considered a "sell out" musician,
      I don't consider myself "corrupt" just because I have managed to find a
      market that actually compensates me for my ability and I work hard to cater
      to it.

      I have spent thousands of hours playing "my" music which might make me feel
      better, but sure didn't pay any bills. Playing music the public is willing
      to pay for has allowed me to do the music I want to do the rest of the

      How about folks like Dolly Parton who use their "sell out" success to allow
      them to do what they truly love, which in her case, appears to be bluegrass?
      Does that make her corrupt?

      You also seem to forget that many popular musicians actually ARE doing the
      music they love...even though you consider it crap or selling out. Calling
      modern country musicians corrupt because you don't like the music is a
      little rude. They look like they are having a great time and enjoying the
      fruits of their labors to me...

      I never begrudge musicians any success they can achieve. Calling them
      corrupt because they do popular music and get paid for it is rather unfair.
      I don't know ANY bluegrass band who wouldn't play "Dueling Banjo's" if I
      handed them a thousand dollar bill to do it. That makes them corrupt?


      Mark Gensman
      Ground Zero Sound

      >From: "Dale Wagner" <dwagner@...>
      >Well Mark, I was referring to it different. You start getting paid to do
      >music and when offered more money to do something that isn't what you
      >are, you do it anyway . Just like we honor all requests written on

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