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32909Re: [nwbluegrass] BLUEGRASS BIRTHDAYS this week

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  • Bill Martin
    Oct 31, 2006
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      Ah, November, when a whiff of paranoia is in the air, Turkeys study up on
      camouflage techniques, and identity thefts flock to NWBluegrass for fresher
      victims. Heck, maybe we should sandblast the dates off all our old tombstones
      and not post birth notices in the papers. Carl and Alma ought to rip down that
      sign that says "The Futzwaders, Carl & Alma" before some dang identity thief
      moves into their singlewide and crowds them off the couch. Did I just see a
      little chicken run by hollering about the sky or something? However, I am but a
      humble servant to The Great Unwashed, so I will refrain from publishing the
      birth year for those who prefer.

      This is good time to say that it would fun to post NWBluegrassers' birthdays
      along with the bigshots. Its our list, after all. If you want on the list send
      me your name, with or without birth year attached.

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