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28083RE: [nwbluegrass] ASCAP / BMI

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  • Chris
    Feb 1, 2006
      I don't see a bank or mom and pop type store, barbershop/hairdresser etc.
      where the employees are listening to a radio as making money from the music
      being played. I am not arguing that the owners of the music should not get
      compensated for their creations but seems to me that the revenues derived
      from the radio stations covers that. Why should the people listening also
      pay when it's a place of business. I can understand when the music is being
      broadcast as in a large retailer but playing a radio in the background seem
      way overkill to me.

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      > .If the radio station has paid whatever they have to pay . and then the
      > stations is played in a public place .. ie. a bank teller line . then the
      > bank/public place would have to pay too. That doesn't make a whole lot of
      > sense to me.

      The radio station uses the music to sell advertising. The business uses that
      same music to sell a service. If they make money off the music then its only

      fair that the owners of the music get paid for its use. The problem is in
      ASCAP/BMI's 25 lb. meataxe approach.



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