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19227Oregon State Bluegrass Festival

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  • Mandoholic@Comcast.net
    Aug 30 9:44 AM
      One geezers view.
      Because of work, and a doctors appointment Nik and I didn't get to Winston until 3 PM on Friday, missing my favorite part of any festival, watching it grow. Full grown when we arrived, we had to jump right into setting up the Bo-Teek, missing that slow, leisurely meet and greet that is our custom. Not having Cartwright's Music kind of took some of the shine off the Bluegrass Mall, but we still had our lounge area set up and the seats were almost always occupied with friends, old and new swapping lies and picking a few. We didn't even get an instrument out on Friday night, but had a lot of visitors to the Mall, most notably a nice long visit from the "Giggle Club", Anna, Athena, Ellie, and Mary, with Apprentice "Giggle Club" member Amy making a brief appearance. I'm beginning to think that working at a Bluegrass Festival goes against nature. We were only at Winston for 48 hours, 6 hours to set up and tear down, 20 hours manning the shop, 12 hours sleeping, 4 hours eating, 2 hours fixing my hair. I'm not a math wizard, but it seems to me that doesn't leave much time for doing what I go to festivals for, Picking. I know it will be dissapointing to all the ladies, but next year I'm wearing a hat. We did have one nice jam at the Bo-Teek with the high-light being our traditional rendering of Norwegian Wood, with Fred, Ken and I doing three part harmonies on guitars(two Merrils and a crummy old Martin), Nikki bowing the bass and traditional Stanley style banjo from Chuck Holloway. Chuck says he will deny it ever happened, but he was the only one in the group that knew all the words, what's that all about???? I smell a record deal in the works. Never got to sit down and watch any of the shows, just straiffed a few. Great line-up, great sound, great festival, way too short for Clyde.

      Clyde Clevenger
      Just My Opinion, But It's Right!
      Salem, Oregon

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