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13667Re: Festivals and local vs nat'l bands

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  • copcyclerider
    Sep 2, 2003

      I've already agreed that "required" is much too BG police.
      I do feel that festival bands should be selected for more than just
      their ability to put on a "killer stage show". There's plenty of
      talent out there. They should be chosen in addition for their
      willingness to participate in the festival beyond just their
      performance. You certainly do. And so does Clyde.


      Some of the most memorable stage presentations have been jams.
      How about Dawg and Jake?
      That's happening all over the venue. If the jam you're standing
      outside of is a "cluster-pluck", move on. The "magic" is out there IF
      the pickers are there.

      Earlier I wrote: Build a festival for the pickers and the grinners
      will come too (if you market the"magic") Without pickers the
      "festival" is just a show.

      What is it that brings pickers from far and wide to a festival?
      1. jamming and places and time to jam.
      2. workshops
      3. band scramble
      4. accessibility and affability of performers.
      5. affordability
      6. Time to socialize with friends (perhaps seen only at festivals)
      7. Performing bands that have a personal connection

      There's probably lots more...

      Any thoughts on developing a proposed "mission statement" for a

      re: Old Folks and jamming. If you're tired, go to bed. A well
      planned festival should schedule plenty of time for jams. (extended
      lunch/dinner breaks) Time for jamming shouldn't be just after
      midnight. Besides, ten hours is way too long to sit in folding chairs
      stageside. How about every couple of hours have a scheduled break and
      INVITE the attendees to wander the venue and find the "magic" that
      I've been talking about.

      Branson? Not me...

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