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13638Re: [nwbluegrass] Re: Festivals and local vs nat'l bands

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  • Kathy Boyd
    Sep 1 7:24 PM
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      Bob wrote;

      Performing bands should be encouraged (required) to stay on site and spread
      out and jam. Want to hear the "national" bands? Buy a CD. Wantto see the
      "national" bands? Buy concert tickets. Want to hear AND see "real"
      back-porch music? Go to a local/regional festival and hang out at the
      campground. (we've got some GREAT pickers that rival the "national" bands in
      quality if not fame) Want more structure? Go to the band scramble.
      Participate. Want to learn more about how the "good" pickers do it? Go to a
      workshop and then hang out near their jam.


      I agree with a lot of what you've written Bob, but as for bands being
      required to "jam", most of us are middle aged (or better) and we're all only
      human. For instance at the Tygh Valley festival I will be performing 5
      sets, running the band scramble, and helping with sound. I will be one
      tired puppy!

      Also, there are a lot of performing band members who are, quite honestly,
      lousy jammers. I am one of them. You will notice that you very rarely see
      me bringing my bass to a jam. My reasoning is that it's MY time to visit
      with people, and the bass players who live to jam but wouldn't be caught
      dead on stage deserve their time to play. I use jams as times to practice
      harmonies and stay a bit in the background as sometimes jams become
      performances with listeners expecting what they've heard from the stage.

      Just my two cents, but it is the voice of experience.

      Kathy B.
      Tualatin, OR

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