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13633Re: Festivals and local vs nat'l bands

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  • copcyclerider
    Sep 1, 2003
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      Thank you for helping to focus this discussion of just what a festival
      should be.

      Pickin' party vs. stage show/concert.

      For you, the "thrill" is clearly in a well practiced/performed show.

      For me, the "magic" is in the moment when a few strangers come
      together and have a spontaneous musical conversation that proves the
      whole IS more than just the sum of its parts. It speaks back to how
      this music started and why we have it today.

      You wrote:

      "I don't jam, don't hang out at the jams and rarely even listen to
      jams for very long"

      I'm sorry to hear that. I think you're missing the essence of the
      Bluegrass experience. Bluegrass is so much more than "I can play
      faster than you can" solos and stage humor. I believe a reason that
      many bluegrass performers perform (can't be the money) is to try to
      share that same "magic" they felt in those jams they heard and played
      in before they were "famous". (and since, too)

      Bluegrass music IS a jam session. ie: loosely structured, not played
      strictly from charts or arangements and tunes passed from one picker
      to the next by ear.

      It's those little musical suprises that give me goosebumps. (and
      surprise and give goosebumps to the pickers too)

      Can a festival be both a pickin' party and a stage show/concert?

      Sure, why not? So long as the economics of the latter don't interfere
      with the affordability of the former. If the pickers don't come, it's
      just a show.

      Find the magic and share it.

      Next vacation...Branson!


      Trying to teach a pig to sing is doomed to failure
      and it annoys the pig.
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