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10112Re: [nwbluegrass] How to thread strings

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  • eddard
    Jan 1 4:35 AM

      I did not undertand what you were talking about threading them through; a pass-through tailpiece designed for ball-end strings, the banjo pegs, or a 5th-string tunnel?

      For tailpieces and tunnels the main rule is make sure they're going in STRAIGHT, and don't feed 'em hurriedly or push very hard. This also applies to the pegs... the big bugbear for me now is I need good light to SEE the hole I'm trying to get the string into. Some pegs have holes that are really too small, but enlarging them makes it necessary to recreate the "funnel" edges of the holes so that there's no square corner at the ends of that cylindrical hole through the peg. Those are real string breakers if you have them. Plain strings go through the hole in the peg TWICE; wound strings don't have to. It works for me.

      There is a way to use the old string to PULL the new one through a 5th-string tunnel, by clipping off the tailpiece end of the old one, bending a tight little hook in the tasilpiece end of the old one and the peg end of the new one, hooking them together, pulling the old sting out and the new string into the tunnel, toward the peghead...(don't forget to already have it in the tailpiece if it's pass-through,) then clip just the hook off the end of the new string and put it into the peg. As long as you don't get the new string too short in the process, it works.

      Live lessons are a lot more comprehensible than printed instructions, I'm sure almost any of us would be glad to talk this over with you, in person. Since I haven't SEEN what you're having trouble with, it's hard to guess, and I had the problem you're having more than forty years ago, so it's hard to remember. Hmm..must mean there IS some foolproof way. I have been known to go several years without breaking a string, but I did have a run of broken G-strings on my guitar..breaking at the bridge because the string filed the slot out until it fit too tight. Re-shaping the groove fixed it.


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      First.....................HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!!!!

      Was wondering if there was a "fool proof" method to thread those
      banjo strings without occassionally getting a seious bend and
      breaking one now and then, as I seem to do(now and then!!)

      Thank You,


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