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The next few weeks...

Hi All! My attendance at Beginner's Runs may be a bit spotty the next few weeks, as I'm travelling for both pleasure and for work. I'll do my best to be at
Oct 6
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Two miles today!!!

Hi All, if you're following the couch to 5 (or 8K), we'll be running 2 miles today. I'll be at Tudek at 5:30 pm and will run further if anyone shows up and
Oct 5

First week of Couch to 5K

Hi All!! Someone actually showed up yesterday! Yeah! We had a great time and pushed one another for 2 miles (mile splits were 11'36", 11'39" and 14'57"). Can
Oct 2

Start of the Couch to 8 or 5 K

All, today is supposed to be the first run for the Couch to 8 (or 5) K. If it is pouring, I unfortunately will have to miss the first run. I have my daughter
Sep 28

9/23 and 9/24

Hi all, due to my husband wanting to go to Oktoberfest tomorrow, I can not lead the run tomorrow at Tudek, but WILL be there tonight (Wednesday) at 5:30. It's
Sep 23

Couch to 8K (or 5K)

Hi All, attached is the schedule for a "Couch to 8K" schedule. It can be modified to be a "Couch to 5K" if an 8K is a bit too much for you right now. Please
Sep 23
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Monday, Sept 21

Reminder that there is a Beginner's Run today at Tudek at 5:30 pm! Hope to see some new faces! Renee
Sep 21

Thursday 9/17

Whoooo hoooo! It's Thursday already! How did that happen! ?! Hope to see some folks at Tudek at 5:30 pm! Renee
Sep 17

Re: Monday

Hi all! I got here at 5:45 and did a lap to make sure I didn't miss anyone. I had a little blister forming so I'm quiting for today. Hope to see some folks
Sep 14


stuck at work trying to get a report out....hopefully will get there to join anyone! Renee
Sep 14

Re: Today and Thursday (9/10)

I am just leaving DC so not looking good. Sorry Sent from my iPhone
Sep 10

Re: Today and Thursday (9/10)

Depending on the weather- I might be there Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad On Sep 10, 2015, 11:48:52 AM, 'Martin A. Mazur' mxm14@... [nvrcwahoo] wrote:
    amy davis
    Sep 10
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    Re: Today and Thursday (9/10)

    Sebrina: Here’s what Renee said yesterday in an email to the Wahoo group: “Hi Wahoos! Tom will not be able to lead Thursday but is planning on being at
      Martin A. Mazur
      Sep 10
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      Re: Today and Thursday (9/10)

      Will anyone be at Tudek tonight? I was thinking about going but last time I ended up running alone (I think I got the time wrong). Sebrina
      Sebrina Doyle
      Sep 10

      Today and Thursday (9/10)

      Hi Wahoos! Tom will not be able to lead Thursday but is planning on being at Tudek today at 5:30 pm. I will be in DC but MAY get back in time for the 5:30 pm
      Sep 9
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