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6358RE: [nuttx] Future of NuttX

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  • spudarnia
    Jul 28, 2014
      i, Wagner,

      > Really the NuttX build is not for newbies. It's not a hard work for someone that developed applications on another RTOSs like FeeRTOS and uCOS-II. It's not only a good documentation that make a RTOS easy to use but the build enviroment too. I believe that to make the things more accessible, a Linux Live CD could be made with all tools(cross compiler GCC,IDE,...) or a plugin for some IDE like eclipse to choose the compilation options. Noone wants waste lots of days building an enviroment ans after some days trying compilling in a text based tool. I believe that NuttX scene must provide a way to minimize and make these great RTOS more friendly to anyone.

      That certainly would make things easier.  And I think that if this were a commercial project, then some binary, ready-to-go distribution would be necessary.

      The problem is bandwidth.  Maintaining binary distributions is a pretty big job by itself.. I can just imagine the level of support that would be needed.  And the verification on all possible platforms.  I am the only person supporting the entire project and I have more responsibilities than I can manage now.  And, other than Max, no one else has volunteered their time for such things.

      So, unfortunately, I have to stick with source-only distribution.


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