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5581Re: [nuttx] STM32 PWM

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  • Michael Smith
    Mar 25 7:29 PM
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      On 25 Mar 2014, at 5:49 am, gosha371@... wrote:

      I'd like to know if there is any particular reason that only one channel at a time can be configured with the existing driver? 

      Without knowing for certain, I’d say it’s likely that Greg built a single-channel PWM setup as an example, but since nobody was looking for anything more complex he didn’t waste time building out what would be a very complex driver without a customer / test case.

      Writing properly generic device drivers for something as complex as the STM32 timer blocks is a very painful and time-consuming exercise. In most cases, as a user of the system it’s better to build a specific driver to suit your application, rather than trying to debug a super-generic architecture that’s never been properly tested.

      (source: I might have written some STM32 multichannel PWM drivers that are in wide use…)

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