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4732Proc FS extensions

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  • Ken Pettit
    Nov 17, 2013
    Hi Greg,

    I was looking at your newly added procfs code and noticed it is really geared toward displaying only process info.  Were you thinking that the procfs would only be used for reporting process status?  For instance, in Kernel build mode, there is other information that could be useful, such as "/proc/mounts" to report the type of filesystems mounted (which isn't available in kernel build mode), "/proc/mtd" to show the FLASH devices available, etc.

    This could of course be worked in to the existing code, but would require extending the procfs private data structure(s) a bit to enable registration and management of generic fs entries.

    Also, attached is a patch which adds procfs type reporting to the "mount" command in non-kernel builds, plus removes FS type reporting from the man-readable version of the "df" command in kernel builds (since it isn't available).

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