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4731Re: [nuttx] SmartFS unusable in git source

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  • Ken Pettit
    Nov 15, 2013
      Hi David,

      Good catch!  I suppose I never saw the issue because I always had FAT enabled also to enable access to the micro-SD card in my configuration.  I'm glad the FS is working for you ... hopefully it will continue working ;)


      On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 9:09 PM, Daniel Palmer <danieruru@...> wrote:


      I've recently been using NuttX in an STM32 project and I'm using SmartFS to store some files on an external SPI flash.

      Unless I've missed something it's not actually possible to use SmartFS in the vanilla source checked out from git. With SmartFS only enabled you can't mount it.. I suspect line 71 of nuttx/fs/fs_mount.c should be changed from:

      #if defined(CONFIG_FS_FAT) || defined(CONFIG_FS_ROMFS)


      #if defined(CONFIG_FS_FAT) || defined(CONFIG_FS_ROMFS) || defined(CONFIG_FS_SMARTFS)

      Then in nuttx/drivers/mtd/smart.c there are a few places that enable support to write that are wrapped in #ifdef CONFIG_FS_WRITABLE and CONFIG_FS_WRITABLE doesn't seem to be settable anywhere in the menuconfig system.

      I have hacked these bits into my local checkout and the fs itself seems to be working pretty well. :)



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